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Unlock Cost Savings in the Food and Beverage Industry with AMCS Fleet Maintenance

Tailored Solutions for Fleet and Operations Managers, Technicians, and Drivers in the Food and Beverage Sector

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AMCS Fleet Maintenance is your trusted partner in optimizing operations and ensuring safety within the dynamic food and beverage distribution industry. Our cutting-edge software solutions are made to address the unique challenges of your industry, like tracking the maintenance on your reefers independently from trucks and trailers, while still allowing the reefer to be associated to the asset on which it’s installed. Our software will enable you to reduce costs, extend the life of your vehicles, keep your drivers safe, and get your time back.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings

Reduce costs and maximize profitability by increasing fuel efficiency, minimizing overtime, and optimizing all your routing.

Extend the Life of Your Vehicles

Implement preventive maintenance schedules to extend the life of your vehicles and assets, avoiding costly breakdowns and reducing downtime.


Utilize our tools to ensure that your fleet is safe and in compliance by managing all regulatory requirements, inspections, certifications, and compliance dashboards in one place. Ensure safety with your drivers, operators, and technicians by monitoring driver behavior.

Solutions and Resources

fleet maintenance software

AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution enhances productivity at every level, saving your business costs and time.

Sustainable Solutions: Reducing Waste in Food and Beverage Distribution

A guide to minimizing environmental impact and maximizing efficiency in your food and beverage fleet

Leveraging Technology to Unlock Cost Savings in Food and Beverage Distribution

Tailored Solutions for Fleet Managers, Operations Managers, Technicians, and Drivers in the Food and Beverage Sector

oil & lubricant analysis

AMCS Sample Pro, Powered by Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis, is the ultimate oil testing and health check for your assets.

fleet telematics

AMCS Telematics delivers intelligent, data-based fleet management solutions for all vehicle types.

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Our platform for the food and beverage industry will reduce your costs and boost profitability. Find out how today: