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Dossier Systems

Comprehensive fleet management designed to reduce costs and increase productivity.

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Following the acquisition of Dossier Systems in 2021, the company’s fleet management software has been redeveloped into AMCS Fleet Maintenance.

If you are a current Dossier customer, and require Customer Support, click here.

For more information on our Fleet Maintenance solution, this page details our extensive fleet management offering. Delivering powerful tools to reduce fleet costs and minimize downtime.

Discover AMCS Fleet Maintenance

Manage fleet assets for maximum productivity

AMCS Fleet Maintenance is a scalable, cloud-based solution designed to simplify fleet operations.

Combining multiple tools for enhanced efficiency, our integrated solution delivers real-time visibility and control of your assets, employees, shops and resources.

Helping you optimize fleet maintenance to:

With tools to manage all aspects of fleet maintenance in one place, we equip you to operate safe, compliant and smooth running equipment.

Enabling you to plan, execute and track maintenance to unlock the hidden productivity within your fleet while simultaneously realizing operational savings.

Simplify fleet management

Cut the cost and complexity of fleet operations with a single solution designed to help you balance maintenance, safety and downtime.

Seamless integration and digitization ensure AMCS Fleet Maintenance provides:

  • Effective preventative maintenance
  • Accurate analytics and data capture
  • Intelligent reporting and improved visibility

Ensuring our Fleet Maintenance solution provides increased control and cost efficiency across your fleet.


Business Value Drivers

Increased Productivity

An intuitive web-based interface provides seamless access to workspace dashboards and digital workflows. Ensuring your technicians can optimize activity and digitize data capture.

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Increased Productivity

AMCS Fleet Maintenance Solution fits seamlessly into your work process. All shop functions are available either via the web or a mobile device, helping technicians capture data while guiding them through your standard procedures.

Digitization eliminates time-consuming double data entry, using digital checklists rather than creating extra data capture steps. Ensuring all steps are completed in the optimized sequence for maximum efficiency.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs and avoid unnecessary expenditure with an effective preventative maintenance programme that eliminates breakdowns and helps manage parts inventory.

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Reduce Costs

Avoid breakdowns, which can cost up to four times the maintenance required to prevent them by scheduling work to minimize downtime.

Manage inventory to ensure parts availability and identify excess/obsolete parts for cost reclamation.

AMCS Fleet Maintenance also simplifies warranty cost recovery, alerting technicians in real-time about warranty coverage and automatically following claims through to resolution.

Improve Safety

AMCS Fleet Maintenance delivers the tools you need to ensure your fleet is safe and compliant with all relevant certification.

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Improve Safety

Plan, track and monitor all prescribed preventative maintenance to ensure your assets are running safely.

With easy to understand compliance dashboards, AMCS Fleet Maintenance helps you manage regulatory requirements such as inspections and certifications, including those held by drivers, operators and technicians.

Simplify Team Management

Manage staff and user authorizations with access to all users and personnel functions in one place. Helping you allocate job functions and authorize spending efficiently.

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Simplify Team Management

Designed to offer a flexible solution for personnel management, AMCS Fleet Maintenance comes with preconfigured groups for common job functions, all of which can be adapted to user requirements.

This means a lead technician can have broader privileges than a standard technician, but also that authority can be delegated if a manager is on vacation.

Performance metrics for the whole team help you identify above average employees and those that need more training.

Proactive Maintenance

Maximize uptime and minimize breakdowns by ensuring that preventative maintenance tasks are scheduled and completed at the best possible time.

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Proactive Maintenance

Keep unplanned maintenance to a minimum by scheduling preventative maintenance. AMCS Fleet Maintenance will send alerts when work is coming due so you can optimize shop time and ensure assets are not out of service at inconvenient times.

An intuitive interface allows you to plan and execute work based on distance run, hours operated, time elapsed, or even fuel consumed.

You choose the metrics most relevant to your fleet with a complete history and performance dashboards to help you identify problem areas.

Manage Fleet Health

Manage the complete lifecycle of your fleet, helping you understand the health of your assets, for informed decisions on replace versus repair.

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Manage Fleet Health

Monitor an unlimited number of asset types, deployed via templates to reduce the cost and complexity of maintenance.

AMCS Fleet Maintenance supports self-serve analytics and reporting, helping you understand which are your best or worst performing assets and enabling data-driven decisions on replace versus repair.

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Flexible fleet management in any industry

With effective support for fleets of all sizes, the AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution is both versatile and powerful.

Our integrated solution is ideal for all types of fleet and material handling assets, delivering safe, compliant and cost-effective fleet management in virtually any industry including:

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