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Blog June 2021 Updated April 2024

The seven key reasons why Pieter Bas customers are upgrading to the AMCS Platform

Get ready for a new era for digitalization in waste management

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Wim Hoek

Wim Hoek

Product Marketing Manager

On October 2, 2019, it was announced that AMCS had acquired the Dutch company PieterBas Automatisering. This welcomed dozens of PieterBas customers into the rapidly growing AMCS family. This is a big change for many customers who have used PieterBas software for years. PieterBas users can continue to count on AMCS's full support for their existing investments as well as gain access to a wider range of AMCS software solutions and benefit from AMCS's investment strength, professional global organization and ambition to provide the best and most innovative industry-specific software platform for organizations in the waste and resources chain.

Get ready for a new era of digitalization in waste management

The AMCS Platform is built with the years of expertise of our integrated teams and specialists who have been at the heart of many leading waste management solutions around the world. The AMCS Platform is waste management software in a new guise. It offers unparalleled functionality out-of-the-box and is suitable for any waste and recycling company. The AMCS Platform is cloud-based to keep your business secure and resilient. It is highly configurable to meet all your business requirements.

Move quickly and worry-free to the AMCS Platform

Upgrading to a new business management system can be challenging. We understand the complexity and risks. That's why the AMCS Platform comes with pre-configured settings, based on many years of experience and industry best-practices. Because we know your current PieterBas solution inside out, we have invested in upgrade technologies to make the upgrade smooth and successful, while minimizing the risk to you. Using our specially developed data migration tools, your existing PieterBas data can be migrated to the platform in a short period of time. We help you every step of the way. It's what AMCS has done for hundreds of other waste management companies.

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The seven most important reasons to upgrade to the AMCS Platform

Here are some key reasons why PieterBas customers should consider upgrading to the AMCS Platform.

#1. Modern Web interface lowers learning time and increases productivity

ERP systems are not known for their user-friendliness and low learning curve. AMCS Platform proves that it can be different. No more endless boring and rigid screens, but a state-of-the-art and intuitive web-interface with lots of flexibility to adapt screens to any situation. The result is an environment that works for the user, not the other way around. Users quickly feel at ease and this promotes user acceptance of the new system. Utilizing the built-in training/AMCS Academy capabilities further reduces learning time and allows the team to be productive almost immediately.

#2. Increased customer satisfaction with the AMCS customer portal and subcontrator portal.

The AMCS self-service customer portal provides customers with a familiar and modern way to access their accounts 24/7, view their account history, place or modify orders, ask questions, create their own reports, and - importantly - pay invoices securely. The portal promotes faster payment of invoices, while reducing the number of incoming customer service calls and emails.

Risk mitigation and digitization of subcontractor processes.
Using the subcontractor portal, digitize the entire subcontractor lifecycle to enable real-time information exchange with the supply chain. It consists of the AMCS subcontracting Solution, designed to automate subcontractor (carrier) processes.

The AMCS subcontractor portal reduces the risks associated with sourcing the right subcontractor, managing contracted jobs, reconciling supplier invoices and ensuring compliance with supplier standards for customers around the world. It is a shift from laborious and manual workflows to a fully digitized and automated process. The AMCS subcontracting solution will dramatically improve the efficiency of your subcontracting processes and reduce administration and associated costs to positively impact your bottom line.

#3. Fully Integrated Transportation Management System.

The new Transport Management System recently launched has a new user interface for planners and depot managers. The integrated schedule component provides an intuitive, visual overview of staff and vehicle availability. It displays pick-up times for a given day, including the current day, calculated by the cloud software based on the distances between each pick-up.

Crucially, the improved flexibility of the new Transport Management System allows planners to respond to changes, such as additional pickup requests from existing or new customers. They have access to visual tools to quickly add them to a pickup round and optimize the route and times in real-time. The driver is automatically updated during the process which increases asset utilization.

In addition to the productivity gains for staff from manually updating the roster, the latest AMCS updates also include features for managers to work with the driver to analyze key performance data, such as productivity data and safety reporting. By capturing performance data, companies can identify problems faster and support collection crews.

Our new integrated telematics and tracking solution, AMCS Tracker will enable transportation planners to get a unified view of key telematics data ( e.g. speeding, fuel usage, vehicle maintenance and GPS status) along with standard service information from customers, orders and routes. This will increase driver productivity, safety and service and reduce fuel consumption.

#4. The AMCS Platform: reliability from the cloud

For many PieterBas users, the cloud is already a familiar concept because parts of the PieterBas solution are available as Software-as-a-Service. The AMCS Platform goes a big step further again. Platform is a full SaaS solution and uses the ultra-secure and reliable Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With 99.95% guaranteed "uptime", this means that your business continuity is virtually guaranteed. You can be confident that the system will be available no matter what.

Mobile communications are also much more reliable from the cloud. This is another important benefit because in waste management, real-time communication with remote employees and vehicles is a requirement. In addition, in the cloud you no longer have to worry about security software updates or sufficient server capacity during peak hours - it's all automatic.

#5. Critical business insights through Business Intelligence, self-service reporting and DataMart.

The AMCS Platform enables real-time data collection from multiple sources and aggregation to examine them from different perspectives, to look for trends that require adjustment or to know what is going on so the company can act agile to keep things in balance. By tracking indicators over time, management doesn't get any surprises. Instead, it can act proactively to stop revenue leakage, for example, or change prices or contracts for better results.

Even customers can benefit from this self-service reporting when they can use the customer portal to create reports to view their own data. This is a great solution to increase customer satisfaction. The Business Intelligence Reporting tool can also be integrated with DataMart. This offers customers with their own visualization tools or Business Intelligence technology, the possibility to continue using it in combination with the AMCS Platform. Thus, already made investments in BI expertise and tools to build advanced analytics, dashboards and KPIs are preserved.

#6. Open Platform Solution with REST APIs.

Few customers can afford to start all over again with automating all business processes. Investments have been made in systems such as machinery, weighbridges, financial software, business intelligence or other solutions. With the open architecture of the AMCS Platform, it is possible to seamlessly integrate other solutions.

AMCS Connectivity provides new REST APIs to support the secure and reliable integration of software and technology with the AMCS Platform. This simplifies integration with third-party applications, and more efficient workflows, which are critical for service-driven businesses.

#7. Deferred revenue when invoicing pre-paid invoices.

The AMCS Platform supports deferred revenue. In case the customer is invoiced in advance, for example once per half-year 2x or quarterly 4x. In the AMCS Platform this revenue from prepaid invoices is evenly distributed over the period in which the waste services are delivered. This prevents undesired peaks in revenue.

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