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Blog April 2024

Enhancing Fleet Safety: Introducing AMCS Fleet Maintenance's New Automatic Lug Torque Check Feature

Streamlining Safety: AMCS Fleet Maintenance's New Automated Lug Torque Check Feature Keeps Your Fleet Secure

Adrian Pollard

Senior Product Owner

In the realm of fleet management, safety reigns supreme. Every component, every process, must be meticulously monitored to ensure the well-being of both drivers and vehicles. Recognizing this, AMCS Fleet Maintenance proudly unveils a new safety feature: Automatic follow-up work orders for lug re-torquing whenever a wheel removal takes place.

Consider the volume of routine maintenance tasks that involve removing a wheel. This common procedure has the potential to create a dangerous situation even when executed properly. While many fleets attempt to manually check the lug torque after such work, the reality is that it can be hit or miss. The torque check can be forgotten or fall down the list behind other seemingly more important work and this can lead to danger on the road. The resulting "wheel off" event frequently has catastrophic results. This is why AMCS Fleet Maintenance has revolutionized the process.

Utilizing the VMRS coding integrated into AMCS Fleet Maintenance, our system identifies any Work Order involving wheel removal and automatically generates a follow-up Work Request to check lug torque. No more relying on manual checks or human memory, where oversight can lead to dangerous and costly results. In the realm of safety, there's no room for compromise.

In a world where every second counts and every detail matters, AMCS Fleet Maintenance will help keep your fleet operating at peak safety. With our new Lug Torque Check feature, rest assured that your vehicles are not just well-maintained, but safeguarded against the unexpected.

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