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Take control with AMCS Telematics

On-board telematics provide a rich source of data for real-time monitoring and reporting

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Rich tracking and telematics data

AMCS Telematics is designed to capture rich tracking and telematics data, such as driver behavior, engine performance, and fuel consumption from all your vehicles. Combined with route data, this gives planners complete control and visibility of transport activities.

The new AMCS Telematics solution can be implemented as a module of our transportation management system (TMS) or as a point solution that can provide data to a third-party system. Telematics consists of an onboard device that feeds rich data to the AMCS Platform for real-time monitoring and reporting purposes.

The AMCS Platform provides a web-based portal that allows you to view the general performance statistics of your fleet, as well as past performance data. In addition, you can generate alerts based on events such as speeding and geofences.

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