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Get the most value out of your assets with routine oil analysis

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Just like humans have regular health checks, regular lubricant condition analysis can reveal the health of your vehicles & equipment. Implementing an oil sampling program will reduce the total cost of ownership.

Sample Pro’s oil analysis program provides an easy-to-use interface for sample registration, fast turnaround time, and can integrate directly with your CMMS via API to automatically schedule follow ups on work based on the results of your samples. We’ll help you put a preventive maintenance program in place to minimize equipment downtime and maintenance costs, optimize oil replacement intervals, and increase the lifetime and resale value of your equipment.

Register for our webinar on demand where you’ll learn:

  • How to regain more uptime
    • Reduce breakdowns on 4 out of the top 5 engine parts that fail with oil analysis
  • How contaminant detection can save you thousands of dollars every year
    • Cost to fix vs. having to replace
  • Tips for taking good oil samples
    • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Maintain ATSM & ISO compliance
  • How to implement a preventive maintenance program
    • Early detection will help you identify issues and prioritize maintenance before failure
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Chuck Friden

Senior Lubrication Engineer, ExxonMobil

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Chuck Friden has been with ExxonMobil since 1996 in various roles in fuels and lubricants. He is currently a senior lubrication engineer for ExxonMobil and also leads the Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis team. Chuck lives in Upstate New York.

John Davis

Head of Delivery - Fleet Maintenance, AMCS

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John has worked in the fleet maintenance industry since 1983 and joined Dossier Systems (later acquired by AMCS) in 2005. He is responsible for the Fleet Management Consulting (FMC) group, an in-house team of former fleet managers who help AMCS Fleet Maintenance customers implement best practices and fleet management software. John’s team also helps users who want to improve their use of the software or get their operations to the next level. While most of his time is spent in the field working with customers, John also works closely with the AMCS Transport Product and Development teams to bring the daily real world user perspective to the product.



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