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AMCS Telematics

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Introducing the new AMCS Telematics Solution

An integral part of the AMCS Transport Management System

Fleet Managers face many challenges:

AMCS Telematics is our solution to these challenges.

The AMCS Telematics solution allows a waste hauler to gain rapid actionable insights from the growing datasets collected to drive smarter decisions and actions.

AMCS Telematics

Providing a means of monitoring your fleet using GPS technology with an AMCS onboard device to track its location on a computerized map and to monitor every aspect of how the vehicle is performing and how it is being driven. This rich information is sent to our Tracking portal and visualized in a series of intuitive dashboards and KPIs reports, providing actionable insights to improve your fleet performance

AMCS Transport Management System Whitepaper

Exponential technologies combined with the rise of the circular economy mean that legacy transport automation solutions will struggle to exploit the opportunities that will unfold.

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