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Shrewsbury MA, Water and Sewer Department

Cutting the cost of compliance with faster inspections, improved monitoring and mapping, streamlined communication, and better access to data.

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About Shrewsbury

The Water and Sewer Department of Shrewsbury MA is a municipally owned utility serving nearly 40,000 residents. Water is derived from a series of wells, with the department pumping over 4 million gallons of water a day. In total, the water department supplies over 11,000 service connections through over 200 miles of water main. The sewer department meanwhile operates and maintains around 40 pump stations for over 165 miles of sewer main.

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With a lack of modern stormwater infrastructure and an outmoded data capture system, Shrewsbury’s water department were struggling to keep up with tight regulations enforced by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.



Like many communities in Massachusetts, Shrewsbury was facing a challenge regarding how to meet additional stormwater requirements. As such, Shrewsbury needed to invest in new technologies to reduce the level of phosphorus within stormwater prior to discharging.

Across the New England region, some areas were tasked with reducing phosphorus levels by as much as 60%, however, credits are available for those communities that implement simple stormwater management techniques, such as street sweeping and catch basin cleaning.

With this in mind, Shrewsbury was keen to implement efficient stormwater best management practices that would enable the community to save funds and focus on a potentially larger-scale treatment system.


Shrewsbury implemented best management practices facilitated by AMCS Field Services software, which not only helped to improve their water monitoring process, but also to provide alternative sources of revenue in order to fund the costly new mandates.



Prior to AMCS Field Services, the town was managing its stormwater program through another software platform. Core activities such as BMP inspections, outfall inspections, and catch basin cleaning were all in place, but unfortunately they were taking too long to complete and were fraught with data integrity issues.

As a result, staff undertook an accelerated implementation of AMCS Field Services, getting up and running in under one month during the summer of 2020.


The Shrewsbury team started to see results in just two months, realising both time and cost savings across their wastewater management process.



With AMCS Field Services in place the team realised several benefits including faster inspections, with 15 hours saved per year on outfall screenings alone. All outfall inspections are also now compliant with the strict regulations detailed in the town’s MS4 permit.

Despite its constrained catch basin cleaning budget, AMCS Field Services helps the town comply with MS4 cleaning standards by collecting detailed data on all catch basins, effectively enabling the team to prioritize catch basins based on condition.

Furthermore, by equipping the team with with critical data for capital planning, supporting recommendations on replacement, repair, and maintenance decisions, the town has been able to save an impressive 50 hours per year implementing best management practice (BMP) inspections.

Maintaining compliance with a diminished budget

Despite its constrained catch basin cleaning budget, the Shrewsbury team is able to remain in compliance with strict, regional MS4 cleaning standards. This is achieved by collecting detailed data on all catch basins using AMCS Field Services technology. The town can then effectively prioritize which catch basins to clean based on their condition.

We looked at a bunch of options – we went with AMCS Field Services because it had more advanced mapping capabilities, expression-building, and offline capabilities than other products available.

Vincent Thai, Civil Engineer in the Department of Public Work

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