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AMCS technology brings significant improvements to your business. A statement we prove to be true every day. Stay tuned and read all about it in this news section.

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How to leverage telematics with vehicle maintenance software to reduce your fleet costs

When it comes to telematics, AMCS is a leader in leveraging data to help you to understand and optimize the operation of your fleet.


Leverage AMCS Vision AI to gain automated insights to maximize the quality and value of your recyclables

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) linked with Camera Vision can transform the recycling and waste sector, and a new solution, AMCS Vision AI (Automated Material Identification Service), could make an enormous difference to your operations.


Insider’s View to the Global Recycling and Waste Market for 2022

What does 2022 look like for the global recycling and waste market? When it comes to the prices of recycled paper and scrap metal, the answer is certainly volatility. For plastics, it is a different picture. As can be seen in the chart below, prices for US copper wire (in US dollars) and UK dry bright wire (in pounds sterling), have been volatile over the last decade.


Retail distribution: minding CO2 emissions, customer service and data protection

The focus of most retail distributors is on expanding margins and lowering operating costs. Not as much thought goes into lowering CO2 emissions, raising service levels or especially, cyber security. Yet staying competitive and avoiding fines due to regulations demand that you give attention to these issues. First, it helps to put those issues in context to understand what you’re facing.


Last-mile delivery: three areas you need to address

We’ve written before on how to gain efficiencies and reduce operating costs within the last-mile delivery industry. But there are three other areas often overlooked that most companies need to target for making improvements. First, let’s look at the situations as they are now.


Food service & catering: three issues you can’t afford to ignore

Lowering costs and expanding margins are critical to any business. But there are three other issues you need to address now. Put it off at your own peril. Here, we look at what those issues are and finally, how to address them seamlessly.


Are building-material distributors easy targets for cyber criminals?

Cyber criminals view construction businesses as easy targets. Often high cash flows are involved, but just as attractive is how easy it can be to swoop in and steal valuable data. The reason is the number of sub-contractors and suppliers involved with just one business.


Customer service: make or break for building-material distributors

In 2021, the building-materials industry experienced a strong recovery in the EMEA. But today, increasing energy costs are contributing to soaring production costs and prices for the very products they need from you. Supply-chain problems, which never really went away, still persist. This is the reality for customers in the industry. Even with strong demand for materials across the EMEA, customers’ margins are squeezed to the brink. This makes the customer service they rely on all the more critical. To be complacent about customer service, to expect their loyalty, is to set yourself up for eventual failure. Think about the pressures they face and address those issues. To do that – to become customer centric – building-material distributors need to digitalise.


Transporting building materials: reaching sustainability goals

The construction ecosystem consists of design, materials manufacturing, construction, usage, and demolition. Concerning CO₂ emissions, the focus across the EMEA region is centred on two areas: (1) designing buildings to be more energy efficient and (2) developing more sustainable materials that emit fewer pollutants to manufacture. But what about the environmental cost of transporting materials to the construction site?

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