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AMCS Sample Pro brochure

Download our brochure to discover how AMCS Sample Pro will reduce maintenance costs and unplanned equipment downtime.

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AMCS Sample Pro, Powered by Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis

An end-to-end sampling management and reporting service to streamline your oil analysis program.

Vehicles and other industrial equipment or assets in heavy resource industries are subjected to harsh
conditions such as high dirt and dust environments, requiring frequent starts and stops, high loads or
speeds, and extreme temperature fluctuations. This can take a toll on engine oil and other lubricants,
leading to degradation and contamination over time.

It is critical that managers implement programs to regularly monitoring the oil condition to avoid
potential issues and take corrective action before they result in breakdowns or unexpected downtime.

Benefits include:

  • Repair issues before equipment failure to reduce unplanned equipment downtime and improve fleet availability
  • Reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment lifetime. With an auditable record of sampling and maintenance, you will also increase resale value
  • Optimize oil drain intervals to reduce lubricant consumption and improve the energy efficiency of your equipment

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