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Retail Planner

Intelligent Route Optimisation for the Retail Industry

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Improving Retail Distribution and Trunking Efficiency

AMCS Retail Planner facilitates major cost and CO2 emission reductions in your inter-depot transport and your distribution of goods to the retail sector. The system decreases planning time drastically and assists you in improving your customer service.

AMCS Retail Planner is a leading standard system directed towards manufacturers and wholesalers which distribute goods to the retail sector as well as directly to end customers. The system excels in optimising master routes, planning daily routes and facilitating the execution of operations.

Retail Transport Optimisation

Retail distribution and transport is one of the more challenging transport types. However, the higher the complexity, the more to gain from introducing an advanced route planning system. The complexity of the industry is the result of e.g. inter-depot transport, distribution from several depots, and multiple routes for each vehicle. On top of this comes a long planning horizon spanning strategic, tactical, operational and executional planning as well as follow-up. These are all areas in which the retail-specific planning system AMCS Retail Planner excels.

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Optimizing master routes, planning daily routes and facilitating the execution of operations.

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