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AMCS Weighbridge Brochure

Software solutions for scale houses; allowing landfill, transfer & recycling facility operators and management to track materials by origin, destination, weight, volume, units and more.


Weighbridge operators can create
scale tickets with speed and simplicity

All while capturing the most pertinent data required for specific reporting requirements.

Flexible pricing options available within the AMCS Scale system allow for charges by the customer, material, profile, or charge using your standard pricing, tiered pricing, price sheets, retroactive pricing, rounding, short tags, and prepayments.

Key benefits

  • Reduced revenue leakage by addressing the problem of revenue lost through inaccurate weighing and thus pricing
  • Increased efficiency at the weighbridge as the weighing system can be operated by the driver
  • Ability to document compliance with regulations regarding overload
  • Ability to optimize and achieve paperless work processes
  • Improved overview and efficiency of operations as the weighbridge can be integrated to Waste Management and ERP system for weighing notes, inventory management, reports, statistics, invoicing, etc.

Read more on what AMCS Weighbridge can do for you in our brochure.