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Blog May 2023

Making Recycled Metals Grading Simpler and More Profitable with Digital Grading

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Gary Dietz Product Marketing Manager - North America

As the old saying goes, “scrap is bought, not sold!” Imagine if you could say goodbye to paper and spreadsheets – if there were a simple, mobile app way to improve the grading and recording of metals as loads arrive at your yards? Could the right technology enable your staff to be more effective and increase revenue on each load? How could more accurate charging for contamination and appropriate fees for unexpected processing labor for a load improve your bottom line? Would your suppliers be thrilled to have a private web portal to clearly track their business with you?

Join Mark Valdes-Dapena, AMCS Senior Sales Engineer in a seven-minute video as he demonstrates how to use AMCS Platform for Metals (AMCS Mobile Grading App) to achieve these, and other revenue generating and efficiency goals. In this video, Mark explains and demonstrates several facilities that save costs and improve your bottom line.

AMCS Platform for Metals helps you more effectively be a part of the circular economy. Not just in your participation in reducing fossil fuel usage and CO2 production – but in maximizing your profit on each load of metals suppliers deliver. AMCS Platform for Metals provides a near real-time mobile interface, so all team members securely see weights whether they are at the scale, in another building in the yard, or in a remote location. The work that your staff undertakes can be managed from a fixed-location computer or a ruggedized Wi-Fi or cellular network tablet or smartphone.

If a load needs to be downgraded due to contamination or because, for example, a load of engine blocks has tin intermingled, the inspector can downgrade on the spot. And document the downgrade, with photo proof, reducing friction with suppliers down the line when you pay them less for that load.

If a load has manual processing that needs to be done such as de-titling or removing fluids, you can assess a flat fee, a fee by weight, or a fee by the hour. This all becomes part of the record for that load along with photographic documentation. 

Suppliers can easily track these results from a secure supplier portal where they can see all ticket activities, prices paid, weights, adjustments, and fees – from anywhere, in close to real-time. This level of information can help suppliers deliver better loads in the future and illustrate to them contaminants or problems with a load that will reduce complaints or queries on phone calls from them.

Each of these software capabilities reduce the cost of goods and increase your margin.

For more information beyond Mark’s video above, you can see:

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Our platform for metal recycling will increase your overall operational efficiency, driving down costs and boost your profit margins. Find out how today.

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Watch industry veteran Mark Valdes-Dapena show you how easy it is to manage your inventory using the AMCS Platform for Metals.

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Ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

Our platform for metal recycling will increase your overall operational efficiency, driving down costs and boost your profit margins. Find out how today.

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