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Blog May 2021

Is Cloud Secure?

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Brian Hayden VP Information Systems
Most SME IT Managers struggle to build a business case for having a team of security professionals within the business. It’s a hard sell for several reasons. Often, it’s because many business leaders think along the lines of “who would be interested in trying to hack us?”

It is time to narrow your threat landscape and risk to the business

Unfortunately, cybercrime is big business, and every company is a potential target. What would be the impact if ransomware hit one of your core business systems? By partnering with AMCS and adopting their best-in-class Platform solution, you can offload the day-to-days ops and security concerns for your on-prem system, narrow your threat landscape and risk to the business – all while refocusing key IT staff on helping transform the business.

Is cloud secure? For as long as I can remember there’s been a debate about which is more secure, cloud or on-premises. In my view, cloud is no less secure but like on-premises, it involves ensuring you have the right security tools and controls in place. By migrating to the cloud, however, you can leverage the security technologies and resources that leading cloud vendors, such as Microsoft, have in place and continuously invest in annually on an incredibly large scale. These same technologies are what AMCS use to provide their highly scalable, highly secure cloud platform solution.

Within AMCS we have a cloud-first approach when evaluating new technologies. It should come as no surprise that we’ve been running our core business systems in the cloud for many years. My goal as an IT leader is to have IT spend their time innovating and working with the business to gain a competitive advantage through digital transformation vs spending their time keeping the lights on, managing on-premises infrastructure and applications. Leveraging cloud has enabled us to radically reduce our dependency on on-premises infrastructure across our sites and become far more agile and adaptable to change.

Take, for example, the impact of lockdowns during the Covid pandemic. Overnight AMCS were able to switch our workers from office to remote working without missing a beat. We have architected our security strategy around cloud platforms, so whether our users are onsite or remote, we are applying the same level of security controls.

Must read, must watch

How do you ensure your data is secure?

Cyber Security in the Cloud for the Waste and Recycling Industry

Teams that support CFOs and boards must understand the significant threats out there. For example, an intrusion or data leak costs far more to recover from than defending against it in the first place.

Even low-level criminals launch attacks. All they need is $66 to buy “Ransomware kits” on the dark web. The cost of downtime due to these attacks can be up to 50 times higher than the actual ransom demand. In 2020, the average cost of that downtime amounted to £206,400.

Don’t underestimate the costs of reputational damage or regulatory fines involved.

Arm yourself: webinar by AMCS and Microsoft

Business resilience is being tested during these unprecedented times as organisations continue to adapt to an uncertain working environment and changing virtual landscape.

This on-demand webinar provides insight into cyber security with expert speakers from AMCS and Microsoft. Some of the issues they address:

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