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Blog June 2020 Updated December 2023

Announcing 2020’s second major release of the AMCS Platform

More agile operations with new and enhanced features

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More agile operations with new and enhanced features

AMCS Announces the release of the ground-breaking AMCS Platform 8.3, providing the waste and recycling industry with enormous added value. The 8.2 release of the AMCS Platform in February was built around increasing operational efficiencies. The focus of the new 8.3 version is agility. Organisations need to be flexible and adapt to market shifts. This new release helps deliver just that, with an array of streamlined, innovative features, alongside redesigned screens and a smarter, more intuitive user experience.

What’s new?

Reporting & Analytics work centre is the new self-service reporting tool that also acts as the central repository of a standard product and user-defined reports and analytics. The reports you create are up to you, whether it’s something simple or involves heavily formatted graphs.

If you use your own visualisation tools or business intelligence technology, you can take advantage of AMCS DataMart. AMCS DataMart holds the data relevant to specific areas of the business. For instance, data on sales are held together, in one place, so that you can quickly access it to gain insights. With AMCS DataMart, you can leverage BI expertise to develop advanced analytics outside of the AMCS Platform.

AMCS Connectivity provides new REST APIs to support the secure and reliable integration of software and technology with the AMCS Platform. We’re talking about better integration with the cloud and third-party applications, and more efficient workflows, which are critical for service-driven companies. The REST API ships with user-friendlySwaggerTM documentation.

Faster, more efficient ways to work make your operations and your people more agile, able to respond to any situation, without wasting time.

What’s been enhanced?

Contracts & Pricing has moved to our new web user interface (UI) within the Customer Service work centre. Creating and accessing customer contracts and pricing structures is faster and more streamlined, with optimised workflows. In addition, time-zone enhancements, minimum payment functionality, and other design optimisations have been implemented. Standard functionality available in previous versions is now more streamlined and intuitive.

For recycling companies, the Material Management work centre now includes Material Sales, Inventory Management and Production Shifts capabilities. These have been enhanced to provide you with a real-time view of inventory position by outlet, material, and finish state. Not only does it give you greater visibility, but also enhanced user workflows and service data for managing recycling materials.

The Demand Planning, Grading and Quality Evaluation capabilities in this work centre have also been enriched to support the optimal planning and grading of recycling materials.

AMCS Platform 8.3 also signals a new feature in Mobile Workforce. AMCS Guided Navigation, available through AMCS Mobile, enables faster onboarding of new or temporary drivers. Using existing routes as master guides ensures that new drivers don’t miss any customers and can safely navigate through their routes without looking at a piece of paper or a screen. Another benefit is that Guided Navigation saves in man-hours by eliminating the need to pair the new driver with a more experienced driver familiar with the route.

Behind the AMCS Platform 8.3

Build your own branded mobile web application

Digital engagement is everything. The AMCS Customer Portal now gives you more insight into your customer activity and greater flexibility on new site creation. By releasing new Customer Portal APIs, we’re enabling you to build your own branded mobile application. You can even integrate AMCS Customer Portal functionality into your existing web applications and content management systems

We’ve enhanced AMCS Subcontractor Portal too so that you can have better real-time visibility of job acceptance status and route confirmation.

The new features of AMCS Platform 8.3 are further enhanced through the complete transparency delivered by the end-to-end standardisation of the Microsoft Azure-based enterprise-grade SaaS solution.

Support for more agile operations

AMCS Platform 8.3 is focused on analytics, business intelligence, and connectivity, which together with our Web UI transformation supports a more agile business. Instead of being reactive, you can be proactive. Agility empowers your company to deliver value to your customers.

And as we all know, happy customers are at the core of every successful business.

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