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Whitepaper Integrated Waste Management Software for Municipalities

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State-of-the-art technologies increase efficiencies and lower environmental impact

Digitisation is key for municipalities aiming to respond proactively to new and future developments like smart city concepts, improving sustainability and increasing efficiencies of the waste collecting operation. State-the-art technologies combining intelligent optimisation with the Internet of Things (IoT), such as in-built sensors in underground containers, support municipalities to achieve multiple goals. These innovative technologies optimise planning and waste collection routes. This reduces the rapidly increasing number of vehicles in the streets due to the growing number of containers required for the collection of recyclables. Additionally, it reduces mileage and therefore CO2 emissions. Due to the powerful algorithms, the planners are able to produce efficient and realistic routes for both high- and low-density waste collection. Routes are optimised based on the lowest cost, while at the
same time taking the service requirements and business rules into account.

Increase efficiencies and reduce your environmental impact

Extract maximum value by driving efficiency through route optimisation, asset management and real time visibility of the collection service progress.

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Watch our industry video on AMCS Platform for Municipal and Residential Waste


AMCS Platform for municipal waste and recycling

The AMCS Platform is an industry specific, proven solution designed to meet the unique requirements of the Waste and Recycling industry.


Municipalities deploy new collection models with centralised planning

AMCS Intelligent Optimisation lowers environmental impact and increases customer satisfaction

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