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Webinar on Demand: Safety: A Human Performance Perspective

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Safety is inherently about people. But people are often seen as the 'problem' with safety.

It's time we change our perspective on the role of people in safety. One where people are no longer the problem, but rather the solution to a safer, more high-performing workplace. Safety is no longer only the absence of accidents but is defined by its presence. Instead of merely looking to eliminate hazards and risks, we start to look for ways to get work done successfully and sustainably. 

AMCS was delighted to welcome Ron Gantt, Head of HSE Americas for Yondr Group, as the keynote speaker for the first AMCS Inspire Webinar about safety. Ron draws on practical experience and academic research about the human factor in safety. This webinar discussed:

This session also included a roundtable discussion with AMCS Quentic safety expert, Timo Kronlöf.

The AMCS Inspire series is designed to give our customers insights, inspiration, and ideas for innovation by providing a forum for thought leaders and our customers to share their experiences and ideas.


Timo Kronlöf

Timo Kronlöf is an environment, health and safety management (EHS) and software professional with years of practical knowledge about EHS operations from multiple different industries, including metal recycling. Timo holds a master degree in Safety Management and has been involved in the  EHS industry for almost 15 years. Currently, Timo is the Managing Director of Quentic Finland Oy and a Senior Product Manager, striving to discover key market needs and  solve customer problems in the ESG and EHS space, to be put on the SaaS company's product roadmap.

Ron Gantt

Ron Gantt has over 20 years experience in health and safety management, human factors, and system safety, working with industries such as high technology, construction, utilities, and chemical manufacturing. He has undergraduate degrees in psychology and occupational safety, as well as a graduate degree in safety engineering. Ron is also currently finishing his PhD in cognitive systems engineering at the Ohio State University. He has numerous certifications related to safety management, including being a Board Certified Safety Professional. Ron is currently the Head of HSE – Americas for Yondr Group.

Webinar on Demand: Safety: A Human Performance Perspective

Watch Webinar on Demand Now

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