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The power of route optimization

Learn how to streamline complex planning with dynamic optimization and real-time routing tools

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Optimize your highly dynamic and real-time based routes

Do you find it challenging to keep up with all your routing demands? Gain insight into how to turn your complex routing plans into an on-demand streamlined process without the time-consuming manual tasks.

Improve your performance by optimizing highly dynamic and real-time-based routes. Join AMCS as we explore the area of complex logistical challenges of on-demand waste collection and transport. AMCS has been involved in many complex optimization cases around the world in different industries including a large number of those in the Waste & Recycling industry.

You’ll discover how to:

  • master the complexity of a waste container (Skip/Rolloff) planning in waste collection
  • turn dynamic and on-demand driven routes into competitive advantages
  • perform live and real-time driven route optimization

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to save on operational costs and generate more revenue!

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Key Benefits of AMCS Webinars

Practical approach

Our webinar speakers will provide you with practical tips that you can action immediately in your company.

Concise format

Your time is precious. That's why we summarize all the essential information of a webinar topic for you in under 60 minutes.

Free of charge

With our AMCS webinars, you benefit from the knowledge of our experts completely free of charge.



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