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Smart Collections

The AMCS Transport Management System consists of a suite of integrated solutions designed to automate, digitize and optimize all aspects of your collections and logistics.

Smart highlights include single click optimization services and automated planning tools designed to reduce operational costs and carbon emissions while deliver higher asset utilization and better service outcomes.

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  • AMCS Transport Management System Whitepaper
  • AMCS Waste Planner - Intelligent Optimisation
  • AMCS Waste Planner Lite (C&D C&I)
  • AMCS Waste Planner Lite (Smart City)
  • AMCS Vision AI Brochure
  • Municipal & Residential Software Whitepaper

Smart Recycling

The AMCS Platform provides a suite of integrated solutions to connect all your recycling processes from collections to MRF to boost efficiency, visibility, collaboration and margins. It offers specific business support for diverse recycling operations including metal, fibre, plastics, organics  and specialist materials.

Download our relevant brochures below to learn more.

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  • AMCS Platform Brochure
  • AMCS Platform - Municipal & Recycling
  • AMCS Platform - C&D Industry AMCS
  • AMCS Platform for Recycling (Commercial, Non-Metal)
  • AMCS Platform - Recycling
  • AMCS Platform - Metal Recycling Industry
  • AMCS Vision AI Brochure
  • AMCS Grading & Quality Brochure
  • Metal Recycling Software Whitepaper
  • AMCS Financials - Deutsch

Smart Engagement 

The AMCS Platform provides a suite of integrated solutions to automate your digital engagement with customers and partners. It maximizes self service and ecommerce opportunities to reduce administration costs and to deliver great customer experiences.

Smart highlights include a customer portal, a supplier portal to digitize all interactions with subcontractors and an automated message  notification engine to trigger event based messages to customers.

Download our relevant brochures below to learn more.

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  • AMCS Customer Portal
  • AMCS Digital Engagement
  • AMCS Pay
  • AMCS Subcontracting Automation Brochure
  • Subcontracting Innovation Whitepaper
  • Digital Enablement Whitepaper

Smart Technology 

Our AMCS Platform allows you to leverage all of benefits of our Cloud architecture based on Microsoft Azure including security, scalability, agility and continuity. AMCS Platform also offers the industry’s most advanced and intuitive UX designed to boost user  productivity, foster rapid adoption, deliver secure remote access from any device and anywhere, this ensuring a faster return on your investment.

Download our relevant brochures below to learn more.

Quick downloads

  • AMCS Guided Navigation
  • AMCS Telematics Brochure
  • AMCS Vision AI Brochure
  • AMCS Analytics Brochure
  • AMCS Connectivity
  • AMCS Driver Assistant Terminal Brochure

The AMCS Intelligent Optimization solutions have allowed Alba to improve the operational efficiency of our collection fleet, thus reducing costs, emissions and delivering better customer service.

Christian Bobrowski, Operational Manager, Competence Centre, Logistics KCL

'Digitalization of the Circular Economy', Inspire event in Germany

7th of September at SASE Forum in Iserlohn, Germany. 

Join our exclusive in person event at the SASE FORUM in Iserlohn 2022  to learn how a variety of companies are leveraging the power of Digitalization to realize their Circular Economy ambitions.

The themes will cover their unique perspectives on how digitalization tools can be used to realize a successful circular economy that will deliver both environmental sustainability as well financial performance.

The event will deliver insights into both the challenges and opportunities facing companies as they navigate their journey to the circular economy including:

  • Insights into the adoption of digital technologies to support sustainability in Germany
  • How to navigate the change management and culture challenges to realize the potential of these technologies
  • Insights from practical case studies where a digital first approach has fostered innovation and sustainability

Places are limited so please make your reservation here before 15th of August.

Webinar on Demand: AMCS for Metal Recycling

AMCS Platform for Metal Recycling is an enterprise grade end-to-end Cloud solution designed to automate all aspects of Metal Recycling business operations from scales, compliance, pricing and contract management, transport, supplier portal, hauler portal, inventory valuation and management, production, brokerage, sales, to outbound logistics and finance.

Watch this webinar on demand to gain insights into the capabilities and business value offered by AMCS Platform for Metal and view a demonstration of the solution provided by Mitch Lortie (Senior Product Manager) and Mark Valdes-Dapena (Metal Recycling Expert).

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