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Press release May 2021

Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer signs contract for AMCS Intelligent Optimisation

Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer will optimise the planning of all orders and routes with Fleet Planner, the intelligent optimisation software of the AMCS Group. Drivers will execute the orders for oil and grease collection digitally with the integrated mobile solution of AMCS. This enables Van der Velden to follow and monitor the entire operation and the vehicles in real-time.

Optimise vehicle utilisation

The choice for AMCS offers the company several advantages, including the possibility for revenue growth without an increase in operational costs, says sales manager Rogier de Klein. "By optimising the occupancy rate of the vehicles, margins can be increased and the operating result improved. Apart from that, the far-reaching digitalisation and automation also results in substantial time savings in planning and administration, of up to 40 percent."

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