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Press release April 2019 Updated May 2021

Retura NT found the complete cloud solution to help their customers

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Retura NT is a part of the Retura Group, which is Norway’s leading supplier of sustainable and budget-friendly waste solutions for businesses. As a part of their business vision, they focus on digitalisation, improving efficiency and better customer service. Therefore, they decided to purchase AMCS’s Enterprise Management solution.

At Retura NT, the business and value visions are closely intertwined. The Retura Group is already Norway’s leading supplier within collection of commercial waste – and they always strive to be the customers preferred vendor, both locally and throughout Norway.

Retura NT, as more and more modern companies, is largely driven by green and sustainable values. A large part of their business concept is about contributing to the green and circular transition, both for themselves, but in turn also for their customers.

Everything gathered on one platform

The correct way of dealing with waste management in the industry today is not just a question of being ahead of the competition. It is also a question of how you solve the challenges in the most sustainable and efficient way, something that’s particularly important for an industry that is literally dealing with what everyone else is trying to dispose of – waste.

As such, Retura NT has decided to advance their digital development with a boost from AMCS’s complete Enterprise Management solution, which combines all the needs of a waste management business, including data collection and information sharing, in one simple cloud platform. In addition, AMCS’s Mobile solution is also being implemented, which enables the drivers to receive information about their routes and the collections, while at the same time giving the drivers the opportunity to register information in the system that is then gathered in Enterprise Management platform for further processing.

More flexibility to the customers

Erling Gartland, CEO of Retura NT, has high expectations of AMCS as a digital supplier: “We were recommended AMCS by two other large Retura companies in Norway, and the company staff were very knowledgeable and competent. AMCS’s solutions will reduce the need to use direct calling as a communications tool, and likewise, will it give us better opportunities to communicate more directly with our customers.” He adds: “The customers will of course also be able to communicate more directly with us, and among other things, it means that they are given more flexibility when it comes to choosing the pattern and frequency for their waste collection.”

A circular economy future

’Circular economy’ is one of the most popular terms these days, and with focus from both businesses and politicians, there is no doubt that it will take up a lot of space in the years to come. Circular economy means that goods are used and reused in a never-ending closed circuit without the creation of waste. As such it is a much more sustainable alternative to the use-and-dispose-culture where goods only have one or very few purposes before they’re discarded.

Sorting and collection of waste is, by its very nature, a key area for the circular economy, which will give the industry a very different place and role to play in the future.

Erling Gartland also highlights the circular economy as one of the exciting challenges that businesses such as Retura NT will have to address, just as he emphasises the role of digitalisation for the future of the company and the industry:

“Both digitalisation and circular economy are important areas that represent challenges and opportunities for us in the coming years. It requires that you as a company is ahead of the game in regard to the development of smart, technological solutions being developed which can upend the industry entirely. With the implementation of AMCS’s solutions, we take a step towards digital transformation of our everyday lives and increase the support of our contribution to the circular economy.”

In line with Erling Gartland, Frank Bolsø from AMCS explained: “Retura NT is a good match with AMCS – both companies have a business vision and values aligned to digitalisation and a circular economy, and we are looking forward to working with Retura NT towards a greener and more efficient future.”

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