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Press release May 2024

Quentic, powered by AMCS, boosts safety and sustainability with enhanced chemical regulatory compliance

Strategic partnership with Yordas Group simplifies chemical compliance and safety for organizations globally, helping power Quentic’s international growth strategy

BERLIN, Germany – May 22, 2024 – AMCS, a global leader of sustainability software for foundational industries, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance between Quentic, an industry leader in providing robust and user-friendly environment, health and safety, and quality (EHSQ) software solutions and Yordas Group, a global leader in chemical regulatory compliance.

Quentic, part of the AMCS Group, enables organizations to digitally oversee vital information on hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, biological agents, and materials, including safety data sheets, and remain compliant with continually evolving national and international regulations, promoting consistent occupational safety, health, and environmental protection. Currently, more than 100 customers benefit from Quentic’s self-managed chemical content portfolio.

Organizations grappling with chemical regulatory compliance often struggle with navigating diverse and evolving regulatory frameworks across different regions, requiring meticulous attention to detail and interpretation. The transition toward safer and more sustainable alternatives adds to this challenge. The continuous need for comprehensive data management, encompassing the collection, maintenance, and updating of information related to chemical compositions and safety assessments, poses persistent obstacles in ensuring compliance with stringent chemical regulatory standards.

By partnering with Yordas, Quentic customers can continue to maintain chemical regulatory compliance across their business, and be assured of this compliance and enhanced safety wherever they operate globally. Through this partnership, organizations can better navigate chemical regulatory compliance, safety, and sustainability. By delivering early insights into impending changes and streamlining the search for sustainable alternatives, Quentic and Yordas enable proactive adaptation, ensuring that businesses can maintain product quality while aligning with evolving environmental and health standards. This proactive approach aims to support companies in their efforts to anticipate and prepare for the forthcoming shifts in chemical regulations, facilitating a smoother transition towards a more sustainable future.

“Yordas is an industry leader in chemical regulatory compliance, ensuring organizations can stay informed about rapid regulatory changes worldwide, crucial for companies dealing with industrial and specialty chemicals,” said Tim Ammann, Head of Product, Quentic. “Our integration with Yordas streamlines the digital management of critical information on chemicals, ensures compliance with global regulations, while promoting optimal EHSQ protection. The partnership is also a significant milestone for our international expansion strategy, ensuring our customers everywhere can not only achieve chemical regulatory compliance, but also operate with optimal safety and in a sustainable way. ”

Quentic will be the first EHSQ provider to partner with Yordas in North America and Europe.

“The major challenges posed by complex global regulations on chemicals, means effective management, guided by national and international laws, are crucial in safeguarding the environment and human health,” explains Judith Friesl, VP EMEA, Yordas Group. ”We’re pleased to be partnering with Quentic to ensure organizations everywhere can maintain an effective global chemicals management program and ensure chemical regulatory compliance in a safe and sustainable way, so that customers can in turn remain focused on fostering innovation, responsible product stewardship and building consumer confidence.

Product Availability
Existing customers of Quentic’s Hazardous Chemicals module should contact their account managers for more information on the integration with Yordas. If you're not yet a customer but are ready to take full control of your chemical management program with a purpose-built, secure and future-proofed solution, book your demo today.

About Yordas Group
Yordas is a leading international provider of scientific and technical services, regulatory advice, sustainability services and training to industry in the fields of chemicals management and risk assessment. Originally founded to provide commercial services relating to the EU REACH regulation, Yordas now provides registration and notification services, as well as global regulatory compliance and chemicals management support for hundreds of clients in markets around the globe. The company is headquartered in the UK, with offices in North America, Europe, Middle East and representation in Asia Pacific, Eurasia and South America. To learn more about Yordas Group, visit

About Quentic
Quentic is one of the leading providers of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for EHSQ and ESG management. The Quentic Platform consists of ten individually combinable specialist modules and thus offers the best prerequisites for efficient management in the areas of Health & Safety, Risks & Audits, Incidents & Observations, Hazardous Chemicals, Control of Work, Legal Compliance, Online Instructions, Processes, Environmental Management and Sustainability. The Quentic App helps users quickly complete tasks on the go and enables mobile reporting. In addition, Quentic Analytics provides clear and daily updated dashboards with key EHSQ figures. More than 900 customers have created their own customized and powerful EHSQ management platform from Quentic software solutions, strengthening their organization's sustainability-related Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities. The integrative software supports complete management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001. Quentic has been part of the AMCS Group since 2022.
To learn more about Quentic, visit

About AMCS
At AMCS we are focused on Performance Sustainability – enabling resource-intensive industries to boost sustainability and profitability. Built on decades of experience, our purpose-built software solutions are designed by people who understand your business, providing practical solutions for the resources, waste, recycling, transportation, manufacturing, and utilities industries.

Headquartered in Ireland, and with offices in Europe, the USA, and Australia, AMCS is a global market leader with over 1,300 mission-driven team members. The combined expertise of our team allows AMCS to deliver innovative solutions and extensive insight, helping customers to drive growth and achieve lasting success. As a trusted global partner, we work with 5000+ customers in more than 80 countries delivering digital solutions that create meaningful and measurable impact by increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing sustainability, and boosting margins.

At AMCS, we're ready to innovate with you - deploying our experts, processes, and technology to drive your business forward and prepare you for success in a more sustainable, net zero carbon future. Learn more at

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Dwayne Weppler
AMCS Group
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Nayyarah Arshad
Yordas Group

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