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Careful, Responsive, and Intelligent Route Optimization.

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Livestock transportation is no ordinary distribution and transport system. Delivering a live cargo adds all sorts of extra logistical dimensions far beyond just getting the trucks on the road. And each of those dimensions brings an extra level of complexity to the transportation process, from animal welfare, stress reduction, and disease control to capacity restrictions and collection/ delivery windows. The AMCS Livestock Planner, based on AMCS Fleet Planner, takes all these extra challenges into account, providing the solution companies need to do livestock transportation right.

Key benefits:

  • Significant reduction in overall transport costs, from 5% - 25% on average, depending on your current operation
  • Centralized planning process that can plan across regions, including regulatory requirements
  • Planning process that can be either fully automated or allow planners to make use of semi-automatic or manual planning
  • Ability to fully integrate partners within the chain into the transportation scheduling process
  • Automatic warnings when plans do not comply with regulations or company policy
  • Automated import of orders into the order system (whether integrated or another external system) through interfaces, which means no lost or overlooked orders
  • Ability to simulate for testing effects of new policies and rules, price changes, etc.