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Intelligent Optimization for the Concrete Industry

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AMCS Concrete Planner is a revolutionary standardized system developed specifically to optimize the distribution of ready-mix concrete in real-time through event-driven, incremental planning facilities.

AMCS Concrete Planner enables major cost savings and CO2 emission reductions in your ready-mix concrete distribution and increases your control of the operational complexity by providing a better overview of the process. The system decreases planning time drastically and assists you in improving your customer service and distributional agility.

Ready-Mix Concrete Distribution Optimization

The distribution of ready-mix concrete is among the most demanding tasks within the transport industry.
In general, the challenge is enormous. Issues like precision, variability, tight time windows, and high operational pace all contribute to the complexity. Particularly important in this connection is timing: The short lifespan of ready-mix concrete poses a great challenge to the planning abilities of the distributor.

Key Benefits 
By using AMCS Concrete Planner, ready-mix concrete companies can streamline internal work flows considerably and achieve significant savings on transportation costs.

Companies normally experience the following benefits:

To learn more about the AMCS Concrete Planner download the brochure below.

Concrete Planner Brochure

Enable major cost savings and CO2 emission reductions in your ready-mix concrete distribution

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