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AMCS Platform for Metal Recycling

Integrated software solutions for metal recycling companies

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Managing a metal recycling enterprise has become increasingly complex and competitive in the global economy. Multi-location commercial recyclers and brokers need reliable information in near real-time to effectively manage their end-to-end operations.

AMCS Enterprise Management for Metal Recycling

AMCS Platform for Metal is the solution built based on the best practices of, and specifically for, the metal recycling industry. It is a solution to support the unique end-to-end requirements of metal recycling companies worldwide.

Making scrap metal recycling profitable starts with understanding your business’ margins. Changing prices, complex pricing structures, material quality, and contamination, downtime of facilities, inventory management, and supplier communication are just some of the many challenges facing operators. AMCS Platform provides users with a variety of commercial, operational, logistics, and financial tools to effectively address these challenges and more.