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Blog March 2021 Updated May 2021

Top Ten Reasons why IWS customers have moved to the AMCS Platform

Here are ten reasons why IWS customers have moved to AMCS Platform in the past three years.

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Conor Dowd Product Marketing Manager

Over the past 6 years since the acquisition of P & L Software (the makers of IWS) by AMCS, some very illustrious former IWS customers – household names in Commercial & Industrial, Construction & Demolition, Skip Hire, Earthmoving and Construction – have moved to the AMCS Platform and have reaped the rewards for it. And so, with that in mind, here are ten reasons why IWS customers have moved to AMCS Platform in the past three years.

Delight your customers with Amazon-like service levels

AMCS Platform can automate trigger notification messages to customers to confirm the service day for their order and to confirm a delivery time on the day of service. These service notification messages can be sent via text or email. Our range of automated notifications is being extended with each release and they support pro-active communications with your customers which delight them and reduce the volume of inbound service-related calls and emails.

Move customer service to the AMCS Customer Portal

Deploying a web portal for your customers allows you to automatically push all customer documentation (tickets, reports, invoices, statements and credit notes) online, where the customer can self-serve at any time. This further reduces both paper usage and administration costs, while increasing customer satisfaction in an era when customers want and expect their service providers to be available 24/7.

Moving from an On-Premise solution to the Cloud

The big payoff here is the elimination of risk. Whether it be fire, floods, ransomware attacks, or various other natural or more modern threats, relieving your business of an On-Premise solution guarantees business continuity that may otherwise suffer. It’s also about removing the costs associated with On-Premise solutions like IWS, such as servers, software, etc. Moving to a modern SaaS platform offers security, scalability and reliability.

Go Paperless, reduce costs and boost driver productivity

Paper-based processes are risky and costly - they generally involve manual processes such as the re-keying of data, making them very prone to human error. The AMCS Mobile solution provides your drivers with a full in-cab solution, including a means of capturing customer signatures electronically, which can be automatically emailed to the customer. This digitisation of the paper trail is repeated across all areas of the business. At the weighbridge, there are options to capture the driver’s signature electronically and add it to a digitised ticket which can be emailed onwards or uploaded to a web portal. We estimate that a skip operator with 15 trucks can save on average £10,000 per annum by eliminating paper from all aspects of their operations - with further savings on postage and the avoidance of write-offs/credit notes related to disputed/lost tickets etc.

Drive your margins with the industry’s most powerful pricing engine.

The AMCS Platform offers the most automated and comprehensive pricing engine for the waste and recycling industry on the market today.  For skip operators in particular, there are multiple pricing configurations to allow you to grow revenue and protect margins.

For example, a skip operator can price a skip service for a fixed charge (inclusive of transport and disposal) but subject to a maximum weight allowance after which a per tonne surcharge will apply.

For Trade waste operators, our solution provides over twenty pricing options (including pay by weight, fixed charge with weight allowance, minimum charge per visit, waiting time, etc.) to protect your margin. All of these pricing mechanisms are automated and highly configurable, and they can be applied at a customer or individual site level.

Automate and integrate card payments with AMCS Pay

The AMCS Platform has an integrated payments engine called AMCS Pay which allows you to securely accept all payment cards in an integrated manner over the phone or via the portal. The secure PCI design allows you to store cards for recurring use, without any exposure, because the card details will be stored securely and remotely on the gateway while only an associated token is recorded in the AMCS Platform.

Turn your Customer Portal into a 24/7 Cash Register

The AMCS Portal allows both account and non-account customers to place orders and make payments using our secure integrated payments solution AMCS Pay. The portal even allows you to customize pricing for non-account customers, using geo-fencing to measure the distance between your depot and their location.

Superior Transport Planning tools

The AMCS Transport Planning tool is the most advanced in the market as it allows you to plan with full visibility on the forward availability of your vehicles and staff - so no more reliance on the traditional wall planner. It also allows you to track, live and in real-time, the progress of each vehicle on the day of service. It offers embedded maps to support your planning - showing each route and job on the map - and automatically calculates distance and time for each job so that schedules and ETAs remain realistic.

Inspect all Skip Loads to protect Margin

Our Mobile Grading application allows your yard staff to inspect all loads and identify any variances with the expected waste description. This easy-to-use mobile application allows you to perform a quick percentage breakdown of the skip load and to charge for any variances like contamination, tyres, fridges, etc. It also allows you to take photos and link them to the order. This process is integrated with our weighbridge application and our automated pricing engine to ensure that you can provide feedback to your customers and protect your margin. 

Operate your weighbridge out of normal business hours with the AMCS Driver Assistance Terminal

The AMCS DAT terminal allows operators to manage their weighbridge. An incoming scheduled driver will use a fob or card to identify themselves at our terminal on the weighbridge and they will be able to weigh both in and out without any intervention from any other staff member. This solution has allowed our customers to double the traffic on their weighbridge during normal hours and to extend the operating hours of their weighbridge beyond office hours and into the weekend.

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