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Blog March 2024

The Benchmark Infographic: A Quick Look at A Deep Dive into The Industry

A Quick Look at A Deep Dive into The Industry

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When we set out to develop this far-reaching Benchmark report, our goal was to create a resource that would provide exceptional value to the entire industry. It was an ambitious undertaking—Let’s take a look at what was involved.

  • First, we assembled a high-quality pool of respondents representing companies around the globe. Participants included a range of respondents from private haulers to municipalities, and were located throughout Europe, in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and even Lebanon and Sri Lanka. The vast majority of respondents hold C-level positions in their organizations.
  • Next, we gathered insights and data covering a wide range of topics. We wanted to understand – in detail – how the waste and recycling industry is capitalizing on innovation to improve performance and sustainability, where they’re investing today, where they plan to invest tomorrow, what challenges they’re facing, where their priorities lie, and much more.
  • Finally, it was time to analyze the results to uncover useful knowledge. For any survey, this crucial task requires a deep understanding of the industry (in this case, waste and recycling), along with extensive experience in its unique ways of doing business. AMCS was well-positioned to make sense of the data because of our global presence and our more than three decades of experience in the sector. The result is a range of potent insights that organizations can use to evaluate their own strategies for digital innovation, sustainability, and bottom-line success.

Take a Look

We’ve created an infographic that highlights key findings from the report. It provides a quick overview of where the industry is focusing today, which trends are driving decisions for tomorrow, and what challenges are arising along the way. It’s a bite-sized way to understand the most important insights and get a taste of the value of the full report.

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In summary, waste and recycling industry organizations are:

  • Utilizing digital transformation to increase efficiencies and improve sustainability.
  • Facing challenges, including staffing and performance analysis, that technology can help resolve.
  • Planning to invest heavily in digital customer and back office solutions.
  • Seeking ways to improve IT integration and better engage employees in the process.

The complete report contains a comprehensive range of insights that waste and recycling organizations can utilize to determine where they stand, inform decisions for the future, and help ensure they’re capitalizing on innovations that can move them toward their goals.

Infographic Benchmark

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