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Blog August 2023

AMCS Platform Summer 2023 Release: Addressing International Needs

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Gary Dietz Product Marketing Manager - North America

AMCS is proud to be an international company that addresses varying regional needs. Our Summer 2023 release delivers Customer Sustainability Dashboards, PCI compliant Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for secure customer self-service, and a digitally transformed Duty of Care process.

Worldwide - Customer Sustainability Dashboard

A key aspect of corporate ESG is transparency. With increasing ESG regulations worldwide, it’s becoming standard for many companies across all industries to report on ESG metrics such as tons of waste produced and waste diversion rates using sustainability reporting. Our dashboard provides customers with insights to improve their sustainability practices and directly supports their regulatory and ESG requirements.

ESG regulation in one region or country can impact reporting for a global company that is based in another region but operates heavily in the other country. For example, EU ESG regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) can apply to non-EU parent company or subsidiary. The dashboard interface pulls its data points from our existing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) report, a widely used green building rating system.

Europe - Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Digital payments are efficient, fast, and traceable, which helps to ensure waste and recycling operators get paid, get paid on time, and can track and account for these payments - which is especially helpful with reconciliation and tax reporting. AMCS’s cloud-based IVR service securely supports self-service account balance inquiries and payment acceptance with full compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, which helps waste professionals secure customer data and protect their business and bottom line.

UK - Transformed Duty of Care

Duty of Care (DOC) differs by industry, and there are specific DOC regulations that govern waste management. England and Wales have their own waste Duty of Care requirements, and if you operate in Scotland and Northern Ireland, they have additional waste codes of practice that need to be followed. Waste producers, waste carriers, waste brokers, and waste managers are legally required to comply with this DOC and submit an annual compliance document or risk criminal offense that could lead to prosecution.

By digitizing the DOC process, AMCS streamlines, simplifies, and automates the process of generating, delivering, and accepting this important annual compliance document for waste producers. This reduces the administrative burden and costs for operators who charge for this compliance reporting service.

It also offers the following new features and benefits:

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