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Blog August 2023 Updated May 2024

7 Ways Technology Supercharges Waste Management and Recycling Businesses

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It’s no secret that waste and recycling companies are expected to do more without adding staff or equipment. More routes. More bins. More containers. More of everything with scant labor and equipment resources to meet a rising workload.

In response, many companies now rely on digital automation to transform workflow, customer support, billing, and other key operational areas. How can digital technology help you overcome labor shortages, win more bids, and maintain margins? A new infographic maps out the way forward for you.

The infographic illustrates 7 key areas for digital investment and expected return. You’ll gain insights on how to:

  • Eliminate time-consuming paper-based processes and create a connected, seamless bin-to-billing workflow
  • Improve business insight for what is and isn’t working to create more confident decision-making

Create a safer, more sustainable and resilient waste and recycling operation

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