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Our exclusive focus on automation for the collection and processing of waste and resources has made us who we are today: a global trendsetter. We are proud of that. We have contributed to the operational excellence of our clients for more than 25 years. Efficiently achieving social sustainability is high on the international agenda. AMCS, therefore, looks beyond its own borders in order to deploy its experience and know-how.

Our partners

In our international network, we work with local partners and therefore, we are excited to build a strong partnership with our existing partners in the waste management and recycling sectors like TerBerg and Genio. And there are more to come...


The Terberg RosRoca Group manufactures and supplies a wide range of innovative refuse collection (RCV) bodies, robust bin lifts, non-compaction recycling vehicle bodies, underground waste systems, side and front loading vehicles, weighing and identification hardware and a whole host of other waste and recycling collection equipment.


Genio is a technology company, specializing in creating smart environmental solutions. They embrace the vision of developing and implementing processes and advanced smart systems for municipalities and local authorities, in order to improve the services offered to the residents and maintain a green environment, as part of the “Smart City” plan implementation.

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Watch video on Mobile Workforce & Vehicle Technology

Our intention was to create a completely new category of working efficiency for the driver, planner and operational manager. With RFID, GPS, weighing, and in-cab mobile devices in an all-in-one solution. Empowering paperless round sheets, real-time tracking and planning, real-time monitoring of canbus data, bin management and maintenance.

AMCS Partner Program

Vehicle Technology

Weighing and RFID AMCS has built upon the ISO certification standard and is now the holder of both ISO9001 and ISO14001.

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Vehicle Technology

As a provider of weighing and identification solutions AMCS used its background in quality and process management to attain and receive MID approval for its current and previous weighing solution.

AMCS offers her partners solutions in the field of Vehicle Technology such as RFID and Weighing systems.

Channel Partner Program

A solid partner ecosystem is important for both AMCS and our customers.

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Channel Partner Program

Key technological and industry expertise

A solid partner ecosystem is important for both AMCS and our customers. Without strong partners, we are unable to sustain our growth and success in the ever-changing waste market. Partners bring key technological and industry expertise, as well as geographical coverage, thereby helping organisations around the world take full advantage of the power of our solutions.

Partners can benefit tremendously through their partnership with AMCS. How? It’s quite simple: companies partnering with AMCS have a unique opportunity to build and grow their business by leveraging the power of our Vehicle Technology and related software solutions. More specifically, by partnering with AMCS you will encounter unique opportunities. As a AMCS partner, you are empowered to better compete and increase your profitability when you sell the innovative AMCS Platform.

Partnering with AMCS, you have the ability to grow a sustainable Waste Management practice based on value adds.

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Read more on how SUEZ decreases most important KPI: ‘time per order’ and increases productivity with route optimisation.

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