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Blog July 2020 Updated July 2023

In-cab device mitigates operational, financial, health and safety risk

AMCS Mobile Workforce charges customers for all work and generates extra turnover

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Ken Tierney

Product Manager IoT

AMCS Mobile Workforce charges customers for all work and generates extra turnover

Mitigating operational, financial, health and safety risk. Through the real-time exchange of data with the centralised enterprise management system, the in-cab device of AMCS Mobile Workforce delivers waste and recycling companies exactly that. At the same time, the mobile solution provides a range of benefits like a more efficient waste collection which increases growth and margins and reduces costs while also improving customer service.

During the execution of orders, the entire collection process of every executed operation is monitored. Every lift and weight is recorded which ensures all work is billed. With this, AMCS Mobile prevents revenue leakage while also mitigating financial risks because the customer is charged for all work. Instead, those additional lifts are generating turnover because customers can be charged for extra services. Since the waste collection instructions are available by voice message it also improves driver safety and avoids potential hazards both for the drivers and the public and with that public safety.

In-cab device mitigates operational risk through real-time data exchange

Through the real-time data exchange, the mobile solution provides an overview of the order and visibility into the location of each vehicle. Any action the driver carries out against a customer is recorded and transmitted to the back office in real-time. This provides the driver and operational staff, such as customer service representatives, with instant updates on each customer, order and vehicle location. AMCS Mobile, with this, reduces the risk of drivers missing out on the collection of a bin as all the information is clearly and intuitively displayed on their device.

The constantly available real-time information also mitigates the risk of not executing the waste collection within the stipulated hours. Due to the overview on which orders are executed the planner knows if a driver is ahead of schedule or, more importantly, if he is behind schedule. By knowing how vehicles are performing against planning, actual versus planned, the planner can react faster. For example, if necessary, to instantly reschedule an order to another driver or schedule an ad-hoc order to the most suitable driver. This is both creating operational efficiencies and at the same time reducing the cost of one-off and costly trips.

Mobile in-cab device mitigates financial risks in waste collection

Waste collection with AMCS Mobile is like dipping into a continuous data flow through a never-ending integrated network providing the waste collector constant up-to-date information on the complete collection. With this, the mobile solution prevents the unnecessary extra cost to collect missed bins, unscheduled pickups or to empty containers from non-customers. Additionally, it ensures all work is billed by charging customers for additional lifts or overweight and contaminated bins. Moreover, since customers can be charged for extra services those additional lifts generate turnover.

For the driver, there is little effort to capture this extra job, given the smart and user-friendly design on the android device. During the execution of jobs, the system supports the driver on the route at a customer’s collection point if any extra charges apply. On the screen of his mobile device, he simply selects the corresponding charge and quantity, after which the charge is automatically linked to the customer’s job. Instantly the weight is captured against the customer and ready for invoicing. This is speeding up the billing process. Since customers are more likely to pay faster when they receive a digital invoice, AMCS Mobile contributes to increasing cash flow.

Capturing all work against customers is mainly one of the reasons why AMCS Mobile contributes to mitigating financial risks. Any time during the collection planners have a complete overview of the status of the routes, orders, and service carried out for customers. This insight in the everyday operation contributes to comprehensive process oversight, higher profit margins and most importantly faster billing. Additionally, there is a better understanding of how the routes are driven and, as a result, what opportunities arise to optimise them. That reduces both costs like the driver's overtime and deploying an extra vehicle to empty missed bins.

AMCS Mobile prevents fewer distractions to the drivers

AMCS Mobile has an intuitive user interface (UI) as standard and provides several options to ensure drivers health and safety. One of the features is the possibility to disable the interaction on the user interface of the mobile device over a set speed to prevent distractions to the drivers when they are navigating their route. Other features to reduce drivers interaction are, for example, automated route load, single touch rejects and GPS matching a lift to customers on the road.

Part of the integrated mobile solution is also turn-by-turn navigation assuring drivers safety with voice instructions as they progress around the route. This allows them to be fully focused on the road, whilst still being made aware of potential hazards.

The so-called ‘route editor’ enables the planner or supervisor to add extra instruction to guided navigation to call out safety hazards like alerting the driver to a safety warning such as, ‘slow down, school ahead’.

Through the built-in fleet tracking the planner knows at every moment where vehicles are. In the case of a break down the driver can send back a report to the back office for action to be taken, and with that prevent further unsafe situations, for example, if a vehicle breaks down along the highway. The mobile system also supports the sending of site survey forms as part of the route which indicates any risk at the customer site which the driver needs to be aware of. The driver can review this doc in a pdf format.

AMCS Mobile also available for legacy software customers

AMCS Mobile Workforce is one of the six solutions of AMCS Platform. Each of the six solutions seamlessly fits like a jigsaw puzzle into each other, forming the unique end-to-end integrated SaaS solution for the waste and recycling industry. However, solutions like Intelligent (route) Optimisation, the AMCS Customer Portal and Mobile Workforce are also integrated into existing legacy software. This way all AMCS customers benefit from the innovative software solutions of AMCS Group.

AMCS Mobile is currently available for customers using:

  • Clear
  • Tower
  • RMO
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