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Blog January 2024 Updated May 2024

AMCS Platform: driving business speed, service, and improved revenue from the scalehouse

Improving the automation of a scalehouse in a recycling or solid waste yard can lower costs, increase quality, and increase your margin

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Gary Dietz

Product Marketing Manager - North America

Inefficient operations can manifest in different ways such as long wait times, inefficient weighing procedures, and lower materials quality. This can increase operational costs and result in poor customer experience. If marginal improvements in process and speed at the scalehouse can have an impact on your bottom line, imagine how substantial structural improvements in your scalehouse could reduce wait times, improve weighing procedures, and drive your growth.

The AMCS Platform 2023 Winter Release continues to evolve scalehouse automation improvements to support your business growth.

Improve Regulatory Compliance and Speed Throughput

Local, state, and national waste management regulations can be challenging. Violating these rules can lead to fines and penalties that inflate your costs.

AMCS Platform supports the minimum legislative data required to record on entry. First-time scrap suppliers can use “quick tickets” to get in and out faster – and it’s easy to convert this data into a full customer account for faster processing on subsequent visits. Create loyal, happier suppliers by getting them in and out and quicker, and provide more accuracy for them and your team.

Automate Material Management to better deal with contamination, grading, and thresholds

In a recycling yard, contamination of recyclable materials with non-recyclable waste can significantly impact the quality of the recycled products, lowering their value and increasing costs through extra sorting and decontamination requirements.

AMCS Platform has new automation in the Mobile Yard Management app that helps manage material type quantity thresholds and environmentally sensitive material. It can email images that are proof of grading change results for more timely communication to suppliers, reducing friction with them if materials are regraded. This makes the yard more efficient, compliant, and delivers higher margins.

Optimize Staffing Costs

Labor costs, including wages, training, and benefits for employees can add significantly to a facility's expenses. Insufficient staff training or high turnover rates can lead to operational mistakes and negatively impact the quality of service offered. Automating more processes at the scale can address these challenges.

For example, AMCS Platform can convert a scale location into a Point-of-Sale location to accept payments of all types for chargeable materials inbound and outbound. This grows revenue, eliminates double-data entry, and dramatically improves control and auditability of payments without the burden of additional staff – who can now be redeployed to other revenue generating tasks.

The bottom line

Accelerating service at the scale, making it more efficient and compliant, and supporting a well-trained staff by investing intelligently in technology and equipment will help ensure the cost-effectiveness, quality, and revenue growth of a scalehouse operation.

AMCS Platform Winter 2023 Release Highlights brochure

Discover the key feature highlights and business value drivers of the latest AMCS Platform release

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