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Intelligent Optimisation Brochure

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Improving waste collection and transport efficiency!

This Intelligent Optimisation solution is a revolutionary and sophisticated IT system that covers the entire planning process for waste management companies.

The system has a high level of industry specific functionality and configuration options aimed at solving the complex transport and collection challenges within the waste management industry. It is tailored to handle all areas of waste transport, including household refuse, industrial waste, sludge, and drop-off containers.

Intelligent Optimisation decreases planning time dramatically and assists you in improving your customer service and route quality.

Read more on what route optimisation can do for you in our brochure.

Intelligent Optimization Brochure

Let us show you how route optimization can reduce mileage, driving time and CO2 emissions by 5-25%

Download brochure

Contact AMCS to discover how our leading solution can help your business grow and thrive.

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