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Blog March 2021 Updated May 2021

AMCS Waste Planner Lite –The Smart Solution For Smart Cities

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Conor Dowd Product Marketing Manager

This lightweight version of the AMCS Waste Planner brings smarter planning solutions for optimising waste collection within reach for small and mid-sized fleets!

AMCS has created an innovative pre-configured version of the Waste Planner that is now faster to implement and more accessible for small to medium-sized waste collection operations, such as local authorities themselves or the waste operators who collect municipal waste on their behalf

Modelled after our original, fully customisable Waste Planner – a highly sophisticated software solution that helps waste management companies optimise the multiple complexities of when and how they collect and transport waste – the Waste Planner Lite solution is a lighter and very user-friendly version that is ideal for waste management operations using up to 20 or 25 vehicles. This makes it a perfect solution for smart city waste management operations, for instance, where it can help reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution by reducing the number of unnecessary trips with nearly empty trucks.

The flexible and versatile nature of the solution means that it comes pre-configured out-of-the-box, and that results in the rapid implementation of the software, saving the customer both time and expense and making it very accessible for small to mid-sized operations.

Lightweight Doesn’t Mean Less Powerful

While the Waste Planner Lite may be a lighter weight solution than the fully customisable version, it still packs all the planning functionality needed to optimise daily waste collection routes from beginning to end, even if the operation is quite complex and the area of operation is densely populated. It also works with most types of fill-level sensors, and the optional mobile solution means drivers can be notified immediately of any route changes. The system can easily handle last-minute changes and quickly recalibrate an optimal schedule based on new information, even while the day’s schedule is being executed. Based on our years of experience in optimising software for some of the most complex waste collection operations in the world, the process is fully automated to make the job of planning complicated routing schedules much easier, while still allowing planners to make manual adjustments and recalibrate schedules whenever necessary.

Ideal for Smaller but Complex Operations

Our original Waste Planner allows customers to build specific interfaces and create unlimited data sets to help them completely customise their planning operations for hundreds of vehicles and drivers in highly complex routing operations. But as with any high-level, tailor-made solution, its implementation requires a lot of hours for building databases, dashboards, and reports before things are up and running.

When your waste management operation is more like 20 to 25 trucks or less, you don’t need that extreme level of customisation, but you could certainly use the efficiency, flexibility, and increased sustainability that come with an automated planner that can continuously optimise each and every route!

An Intelligent Solution for Smart Cities

Collecting and transporting waste in busy urban areas with limited access is a challenging operation. While population density, location access, waste mixing, and container type and capacity are complicated enough, most municipalities also have to contend with seasonal aspects and events that significantly influence the amount and type of waste that needs to be collected on any given day. The system makes resource allocation much easier because it can not only adjust for new information in real-time, but it also uses machine learning to make predictions about fill levels. It can also communicate with fill-level sensors to schedule collections only when containers are full, thereby raising the fill capacity efficiency of vehicles. Trucks no longer drive around half empty because containers on their route were not yet full.

AMCS Waste Planner Lite

The collection and transportation of waste is complex. The good news is that all those challenges mean there is nearly always more opportunity to do it better, faster, and more sustainably. Equipped with the same set of powerful industry-specific optimisation algorithms as its bigger cousin, the AMCS Waste Planner Lite is precisely the kind of cutting-edge automated planning system that can bring those efficiencies and forecasting abilities within reach of organisations with small to medium-sized waste collection operations and vehicle fleets.

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