AMCS Customers

Van Gansewinkel Group is market leader in the field of waste management and recycling in the Benelux. The company is also active in Germany and France, Portugal and Hungary.

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TJ Waste & Recycling Ltd (TJ) and AMCS have worked together to develop a fully automated and mobile system for the company’s drivers and transport office. The new system avoids the creation of any paperwork from the point of order through to invoice and greatly enhances both the customer experience and operational efficiency.

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Danish Crown is the world’s largest pork exporter. In Denmark alone Danish Crown receives 14 million pigs a year. In 2016 Danish Crown acquired the transport planning system AMCS Livestock Planner and made it available for all of their transporters.

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Returpack is Sweden’s largest player in the deposit-refund field. Returpack has recently decided to handle the transport planning of the can and PET bottle collection in-house, from previously using 3PLs. To assist with this change, AMCS has provided a solution for managing the entire transport planning horizon.

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The City of Grand Rapids has been providing a PAYT Program (Pay As You Throw) to City residents since 1973. The PAYT Program is an industry wide term used to describe kerbside solid waste collection services where users are charged a rate based on how much waste they present for collection.

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The William Tracey Group is one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management companies with 10 sites across Scotland and the North of England.

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SITA UK was established in 1988 and currently employs more than 5,500 people. A recycling and resource management company, they deliver solutions to 12 million residents and 40,000 business customers throughout the UK.

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Suiker Unie develops, produces and markets sugar and sugar specialties. Suiker Unie is based in the Netherlands and is a part of Royal Cosun. The group has more than 4,000 employees and is a cooperative of approximately 10,000 sugar beet growers.

JUST EAT is the world’s leading company within online takeaway ordering service. In Denmark alone, JUST EAT delivers more than 35,000 meals a month.

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Kuehne + Nagel is a leading global provider of innovative and fully integrated supply chain solutions. The company uses an AMCS system for their overland transportation operation in the Netherlands.

Statoil is one of the world’s largest suppliers of crude oil and one of the largest distributors of oil products in Scandinavia. The company uses an AMCS transportation optimization system in Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Poland.

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Neste Oil is a Finish refinery focusing on premium quality fuels with low COemission. The company distributes to end customers and service stations in Finland, the Baltic States and Russia.

Unicon is the leading producer of ready-mix concrete in Scandinavia with factories all over Denmark and Norway. The company is a part of Cementir Holding.


Lafarge Group produces and delivers cement in bags and in bulk in Great Britain.

Aalborg Portland is one of Scandinavia’s leading producers of cement and is a world leading producer of white cement. The company is part of Cementir Holding.

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Arla is a global dairy product group and a user cooperative owned by the milk producers. The company produces in 13 countries and distributes to the larger Northern European markets.

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Schulstad Lantmännen is the market leading supplier of bread and is part of the large Lantmännen Group. The company uses an AMCS transportation optimization system in Denmark.

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AFA JCDecaux puts up and sells space for advertising in poster frames and bill boards all over Denmark. The company is part of the JCDecaux Group, which is the largest outdoor advertising company in the world.

Kinnarps is the second largest European supplier of office furniture for indoor working environments. The company is headquartered in Sweden and operates in approx. 40 countries.

Reitan Distribution Denmark is a part of the Norwegian Reitan Group which specializes in retail and owns e.g. Rema1000, 7-Eleven, Narvesen and Pressbyrån.

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Canon is one of the world’s leading producers of copy, IT and photo equipment. AMCS supplies the service division in the metropolitan area of Copenhagen.

ISS is the largest Facility Services company in Denmark, managing tasks within cleaning, catering, property management and office support.

L’EASY is one of the largest operators in Scandinavia within hire-purchase and leasing of computers, domestic appliances, TV, video, alarms and mobile phones.

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ProAssist Group is one of the leading after-sales service organisations within consumer electronics in Benelux.

Loomis Denmark A/S provides efficient and secure solutions within cash handling and transportation. The company uses an AMCS route optimization system in Denmark and Sweden.

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Berendsen rents out textiles as well as sanitation articles and supplies professional services within wash, maintenance and delivery. The Work Wear division in Denmark uses an AMCS route optimization system.

Posten AB is the Swedish post office service handling the general postal services and deliveries. The company is part of PostNord AB, which provides postal services within the Nordic region.

The National Working Environment Authority is an authority which contributes to ensuring safe working environments in Danish companies.

Sita is one of the largest waste management companies in the world operating in more than 24 countries. The company uses an AMCS transportation optimization system in the Netherlands.

Ragn-Sells is one of the largest companies in Scandinavia within waste management and the company operates in Northern Europe. The company uses an AMCS route optimization system in Scandinavia.

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Bring Frigo, part of Bring Group, transports groceries and frozen foods primarily in Sweden. The company uses an AMCS route optimization system in the Swedish business unit.

Marine Harvest is a world leader within fish farming operation with customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company uses an AMCS transportation optimization system for boat transportation in Norway.

FoodTankers’ 130 tank trucks distribute liquid and semi-liquid foods for the European food industry. The company is headquartered in Sweden.

Nortura is the leading supplier of meat and eggs in Norway. The company has approx. 5,500 employees and operates in 29 boroughs and 13 counties in Norway.

Skogsåkarna is a union of independent haulers transporting timber and wood chips in Central Sweden.

Lantmännen is one of the largest, Nordic companies within farming, foods and bio-energy. The company uses an AMCS transportation optimization system in the division for fodder and supplies for farmers.

SPF-Selskabet is the largest trading company in Denmark for breeding stock and piglets and is one of the world’s largest carriers of live pigs.

AES logo

AES is Ireland’s leading vendor within waste and recycling management. The company services more than 70,000 private customers as well as 6,000 commercial customers and is apart of the Bord na Móna Group.

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Twente Milieu is a waste management company operating in Twente, the Netherlands. The company focuses on recycling and ensuring a clean environment in Twente.

H. Hardeman is a Dutch building and wholesale company which produces and distributes to the agricultural and industrial sector in the Netherlands.

SecurCash is a company which provides transportation of money and valuables in the Netherlands. The company operates 20 trucks using an AMCS transportation optimization system.

Microfix is a brand independent service company which specializes in the repair of IT hardware and consumer electronics. The company uses AMCS’ transportation optimization system in the Netherlands.

Dansk Retursystem is a privately held, non-profit company with monopoly to operate the Danish deposit and return system. The company collects both empty bottles and cans for recycling.

Greenergy is the 3rd largest privately held company in Great Britain and a leading vendor of motor fuel in Great Britain.

Lemvigh-Müller is the largest wholesaler within steel and technical installations in Denmark. The company has approx. 1,300 employees, and the product range consists of 300,000 items.

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Valley Vista Services

“Having been a AMCS client for years prior, we transitioned to AMCS ERP in 2008 from an internal built program and couldn’t be happier. Between converting our data to AMCS ERP, adding web functionality, and integrating AMCS seamlessly into it all; the AMCS ERP project management team took the time to see what we did, work out the best plan to switch, train us on how to do it, and stood by us each step of the way. As new regulations or contractual requirements come up, AMCS continues to work closely with us, either figuring out how to do it with the current system or designing a change to meet our needs.

AMCS/AMCS ERP isn’t just an out-of-the-box program, it’s a strong foundation for tomorrow’s waste industry built by the needs of users in meeting all the scenarios we deal with; from medical waste in New York to recycling in California.”

Dan Sandifer
IT Manager

Marion County

“I would first like to compliment you on your product. We have only been “live” with it for a few days but I can honestly say, the purchase of your program is the most sound decision we have ever made with regards to scale operations. I am amazed how user friendly and flexible the AMCS program is compared to the programs we utilized in the past. It is so extensive the reporting and data entry options are practically limitless which is critical to our needs and is a welcome change.

…Thank you AMCS for an outstanding support team and a product that is second to none!”

Kimberly Porter
Scale Operations Supervisor
Recology (formerly Norcal Waste Systems, Inc.)

“We have been doing business with AMCS for eight years now and are extremely pleased with their performance and support of our multi-scale, multi-site operations. We have used different vendors over the years but none have provided the care and service that AMCS delivers. I am pleased to say that the service the staff provides is well and truly beyond that of any of their competition.  The AMCS staff are personable and friendly yet businesslike and exceptionally technical, able to deal with a multitude of personalities and skill levels at our multi-site operations.

If you’re looking for a scale software company that will offer service like no other scale software company with well thought-out products along with competitive prices, I thoroughly recommend AMCS.”

Michael McLaughlin
Director of Information Technology
Waste Haulers

“My company is growing at a rate of one route every two months. I needed a partner in business, not a vendor.  I have two words that describe AMCS: The Best!

Since we have started using the Tower iSales, we have reduced the # of sales meetings by over 50% due to the real-time information being input in the AMCS Sales program! Our reps don’t even come into the office any more and our cold calls per rep have increased by over 50%!”

Pat Sperduto, President
Waste Haulers, LLC

“The AMCS team worked diligently to understand and accommodate our unique needs during the design process.  Their innovative approach allowed us to design a system that is seamlessly integrated with our existing Project Management / Accounting system. Development of this fully-integrated system was accomplished on time and within budget. Perceived issues were addressed immediately in a team environment.  Implementation was seamless. The team was onsite and fully dedicated at each of our locations.  Training was organized and efficient. Since implementation, AMCS has provided professional diligent service for the minor issues that we encountered.”

Nancy Roberts
VP Operations & Compliance


“AMCS’s software allowed us the ability to not only offer a robust, fully functional system, but also standardized all of our facilities with single solution.  This process, comprising 60 facilities, has reduced our overall support costs and streamlined our processing and billing system integration. AMCS’s development and support teams have been a pleasure work with.  Thank you for providing us with an outstanding product.”

Eric J. Reibsane
Chief Information Officer

Ace Disposal

“I just wanted to take a moment and comment on the responsiveness of AMCS ERP support personnel.  With all the other software/hardware support issues I have to deal with, it is nice to know that when I need support for AMCS ERP, it is handled quickly and professionally. I would like to thank the support team for all their help!”

Ruben Garza
Ace Disposal Services, Inc.


“AMCS ERP is smokin’ this morning. Nothing but praise from all offices. …I have 70+ happy AMCS ERP users… [Project Manager], tell your bosses I said you need a day off – with Pay!!! Thank you so much for your help in getting our new server online, we will be following a six-month implementation for the remainder of the new servers.”

Jim Cavender, II
Managing Director Vestal & Wiler Technology

Lycoming County Resource Management

“Lycoming County Resource Management Services is very pleased to offer web-based reporting of PC Scale data to our customers.  Not only can we offer it to billing customers and haulers, but we can offer it to our residual waste generators for their DEP reporting requirements. The staff of AMCS did a tremendous job in writing the reports to give our customers, haulers, and generators the data they need to see for the time period they want to see whether it is one day’s activity or a year’s activity. The flexibility in changing the reporting format is excellent as well, and the staff went beyond our requests of offering PDF and Excel formats by also offering it in Word format. Web Reporting is an excellent sales tool for LCRMS and we and our customers are very pleased with the results and convenience. Thank you AMCS!”

Bonnie Fink
Business Manager Lycoming County Resource Management Services

Stephens MDS

“That was a smooth installation and I appreciate the excellent customer service the AMCS staff always provides to us. Your Systems Analyst always seemed to know the question we had before we asked it and ensured he eliminated any confusion on our part before he moved ahead. All of you handle yourselves in a professional and courteous manner. If everyone we dealt with was like you folks, they could eliminate my job.”

M. Wade Brannan
Stephens MDS LP / Stephens Rock & Dirt Inc.


“Using AMCS’s automated information exchange from our sites to our central office, coupled with their integration to our accounting package, saves Chartwell International between 60% and 70% on labor compared to manually entering tickets into Great Plains.  Centralizing our data has helped reduce potential double entry errors and it provides us with the ability to get timely reports at our central office without having to rely on our remote facilities to compile and send the information.  We appreciate AMCS’s readiness to provide a centralized database for our remote operations.“

Paul Biberkraut
CFO Chartwell International


“I would like to take a moment to give some credit and thanks to Dereck Curtis.  Dereck has been our Project Manager from the onset of our company migrating/converting to AMCS ERP.  He has been a great asset is answering our questions and solving challenges we faced in converting to AMCS ERP. We recently had to come up with some reports for our City and County contracts that were complicated and extremely detailed, as far as the information they requested goes. Dereck provided the detail we needed to satisfy and, quite frankly, overwhelm these government agencies with the most accurate data they have ever received from any of the refuse haulers in the metro area.  We could not have retrieved this information with a standard report and Dereck stepped up to the task and took care of us, delivering the results quickly and as we had requested.  Your employee and your product, AMCS ERP has helped us achieve a much higher standard of reporting that has us in a positive spotlight with our City and County agencies we work for.   Dereck has always worked hard for us and his professionalism and sense of humor are a great combination in addition to his working knowledge of AMCS ERP.”

Jason Barnes
IT Director Hillsboro Garbage Disposal, Inc.

Parks & Sons

“When our company decided to upgrade its software, we chose to partner with AMCS ERP. It has been years since our conversion and daily we see the positive results of our decision.  We have been able to significantly increase customer service, provide accurate billing, and streamline operations – none of which could have been achieved without the comprehensive AMCS ERP software package and development team. We could not be happier with the product and service we receive!”

Shawn Parks
Business Manager Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc.

Action Carting

“The AMCS and AMCS ERP software programs are the most user friendly, comprehensive software packages I have ever worked with.
With 110 trucks on the road every night in New York City, and with multiple transfer stations and a MRF, we have to have an easy-to-use software package, with a reliable, readily available support staff due to our hours of operation. Running our company with the AMCS software packages makes it simple…for our employees, management staff and our customers.”

Brian Marangi
Investor/Collections Manager

St. Lawrence County Solid Waste

“It is very refreshing to work with a consultant who states a price for a project and performs to the customer’s expectations. I commend you and your staff for the excellent work over the past 10 years and we look forward to the next ten years!!  Again thank you for all of your dedication to making the system work for our needs.”

Karl O. Bender, P.E.
Director Solid Waste Department St. Lawrence County, NY

Huachuca City Arizona

“I want to tell you that I am so happy with our new system. Dave did a GREAT job in the installation, configuration and implementation of the switch to our new computer system and scale program. He was very efficient and taught us several shortcuts that will save us a lot of time in helping my co-workers. He made some settings that are very helpful. He is a great tech and I most appreciate his help. And thanks to you and your company for all you have done for the Town. We really appreciate all your assistance.”

Bobby Chapman
IT Staff Member