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Weighing & RFID

Real time lift verification

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P&L per customer

Improve call centre support

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Weighing & RFID

ELEMOS Software

Weighbridge control

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Manage MRF operations

Vehicle tracking & Route planning

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ELEMOS Software

AMCS Group is the world-leading provider of recycling and waste management software & on-vehicle technology solutions.

We can assist you in achieving full operations management with our ELEMOS software suite; route planning, weighbridge control, material sales, customer & asset management, recycling data.

We design & deliver on-vehicle solutions including Weighing, RFID, GPS, 360 cameras, on-board computers & mobile devices.

AMCS on-vehicle technology is installed on over 10,000 vehicles at over 2,000 sites and our solutions manage over €3 billion in revenue annually.


Diversity is the name of the weighing game

5 February, 2015 - Recycling & Waste World (RWW) editor Geraldine Faulkner reports on how weighing specialists, including AMCS Group, help clients improve their resource management...>>>

Keeping up with TEEP

23 January, 2015 - caught up with CEO Jimmy Martin to discuss the new TEEP waste regulation in England and the opportunities this presents to recycling and waste management companies...>>>

Management of AMCS Group's technology global supply chain awarded to Exertis

8 January, 2015 - AMCS Group has today announced the appointment of Exertis, a leading technology distributor and supply chain business, as its global supply chain partner...>>>

Read how William Tracey Group, one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management companies, uses ELEMOS to drive significant operational efficiencies & cost savings. 

The Group now has enterprise-wide visibility across all sites and enjoys significant improvements in data & process quality.


Register here for Route Optimisation webinar

Webinar _Route_Optimisation

Complimentary webinar to explore some of the real benefits of adopting route optimisation within municipal waste management.

- Reduce admin effort
- Improve data & process quality
- Efficiency savings on time & money
- Investigate scenarios for new collections
- Bring H&S into the heart of your business


Daniel Roberts - Senior Environmental Services Officer: Waste, South Staffordshire Council

Jan Tønder - Director, Nordic Sales & Marketing, AMCS Group