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Weighing & RFID

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ELEMOS Software

AMCS Group is the world-leading provider of recycling and waste management software & on-vehicle technology solutions.

We can assist you in achieving full operations management with our ELEMOS software; route planning, weighbridge control, material sales, customer & asset management, recycling data.

AMCS on-vehicle technology is installed on over 10,000 vehicles at over 2,000 sites and our solutions manage over €3 billion in revenue annually.


Pay-By-Weight: Opportunities & Implications

October - 2014

CIWM Journal 30th Oct - A joint CIWM & IWMA workshop, being held in association with AMCS Group will discuss the implementation of pay-by-weight in Ireland as part of the new Household Waste Collection Regulations. AMCS Group’s CEO, Jimmy Martin, discusses the opportunities that this presents.

AMCS Acquires Danish Software Company Transvision

October - 2014

Dublin, 29th October, 2014 – AMCS acquires route optimisation and transport management software and extends presence in Denmark and Netherlands …more>>

Limerick firm's journey from start-up to global leader

July - 2014

So how does a tech start-up become a global leader? The fundamentals for growing a technology company with an international footprint would be familiar to most would-be entrepreneurs at this stage.

Irish Independent article by Ian Campbell - 17th July 2014

Our ELEMOS waste management software is an ERP suite designed to manage all aspects of your operations.

The modular functionality manages collections, route planning, accounts, invoicing, weighbridge and much more.




Joint CIWM & IWMA Workshop in association with AMCS Group

November 6th Nov 2014, at AMCS Offices, Limerick.

“Implementing Pay-By-Weight in Ireland as part of the Household Waste Collection Regulations – Sectoral Issues & Concerns”

Have you signed up for the workshop on the topical issue of Pay-By-Weight and its impending introduction to the Irish market in July 2015?

The new government legislation effective as of July 2015 means all waste collectors will have to use a Pay-By-Weight system for calculating bin collection charges.

This workshop will focus on the draft household waste collection regulations in terms of timelines for the rollout and implementation of Pay-By-Weight charging systems, changes in the collection regimes, customer charters and billing structures for the various wheeled bins.