AMCS Quotations

In-field app, real-time quotes, pricing

AMCS Quotations is a mobile-enabled application that gives your sales team real-time access to customer and pricing data in the office. It enables field sales teams to develop quotations via a mobile tablet when on-site with customer and remote from the office. This application gives your team anytime, anywhere access to pricing and available customer information. The sales route can be planned from the office, the activity tracked and monitored via the mobile tablet and visit history recorded. Sign-up of new customers including signature capture is supported and pricing is managed and controlled from the office. Information regarding service days, visit times etc. is available from the office and can be negotiated and agreed in real time at sign-up.  The newly signed-up customers are available in the office for approval and once approved are automatically transferred directly into the live system without further intervention.

The key benefits of AMCS Quotations are as follows:

  • Provides sales teams real-time access to customer and prospect data
  • Increase cold calls per sales person by up to 50%
  • Access assigned daily sales activity for customers and prospects when away from the office
  • View service and contract information for customers and prospect
  • Improve efficiency by planning, mapping and managing daily appointments/activities while in the field
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