AMCS Mobile

Real-time collection data, ad hoc work, routes, schedules, signature/photo capture, service validation and exception reporting

AMCS Mobile is the next generation of vehicle driver interaction software for smartphones and tablets; connecting you to your fleet at all times!

The application is very easy to use and does not require complex integration as it integrates directly with back-office software. Once the app has been downloaded to the mobile device it will allow you to gain a complete overview of your operations in real time.

AMCS Mobile enables daily digital schedule updates, customer information access, real-time addition of ad hoc orders, intelligent turn-by-turn navigation, signature/photo/GPS capture as well as job confirmation.

AMCS Mobile allows flexibility and efficiency in daily route scheduling for your fleet operations. The driver is able to select from all the available routes for their depot, providing flexibility in the event of breakdown or non availability of trucks. Furthermore, the real-time visibility of progress against planned schedule, will enable you to improve crew management as you have the ability to transfer work to other trucks if required.

The driver is also able to  transmit collection notes or highlight problem collections to back office in real time. This real-time data can be viewed with date, time & GPS co-ordinate transmitted from vehicle to office throughout the course of the collections, providing the operator with ultimate proof of service. This allows the call center to respond to customer inquiries effectively, reducing cost of  servicing missed collections.

AMCS Mobile enables you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce revenue leakage in your collections operations and has an ROI of 2 to 3 months.

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  • Reduced revenue leakage as all work is recorded and full oversight of the fleet is available (e.g. charge for extra lifts caused by blocked access)
  • Ability to monitor driver behavior (GPS enables transport managers to track activity, identify unplanned lifts, extra lifts, etc.)
  • Improved customer service & issue resolution (e.g. missed collections) as GPS tracking, signature & photo capture as well as verification of jobs by drivers provide proof of service
  • Improved efficiency of operations due to ability to add ad hoc jobs to schedules live, based on real-time fleet visibility & data intelligence
  • Reduction of errors and improved efficiency due to paperless workflow
  • Improved productivity through daily safety checks and driver events (i.e. traffic issues, refueling, breakdowns)


  • Send daily routes & schedules to mobile device
  • View list & map of scheduled route and work orders
  • Send messages to and from driver tablet/smartphone in real time
  • View detailed customer information, i.e. access notes, phone numbers, etc.
  • Capture signatures, photos, GPS, etc.
  • Add ad hoc orders to schedules in real time
  • Intelligent turn-by-turn navigation
  • Geocoding support
  • Easily add information to an order (i.e. wait time fees, exception reporting, overloaded container)
  • Electronically record disposal information eliminating disposal ticket data entry

More Information

For further information on AMCS Mobile, please contact us or read our AMCS Mobile solution brief.