AMCS Dispatch

Route management, tracking, driver debrief – municipal and commercial

AMCS Dispatch is a comprehensive solution for work order scheduling, route planning, management and real-time updates for both transportation managers and drivers. It includes a range of features such as live vehicle tracking, mapping and route progress, round creation and ad-hoc collection scheduling, proof of service, exceptions and driver debrief.

Transportation managers can easily monitor their fleet and its daily route progress, identify missed collections and other anomalies to enable them to undertake a detailed debrief with drivers on round completion. At a planning level it allows them to drag and drop routes, allocate jobs to compatible vehicles and routes, manage bulky collections and unallocated jobs. It can also leverage AMCS Route Planner to ensure highly efficient and cost effective route planning.

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Features Overview

  • Two-way communication – enables real-time reporting and updates
  • View vehicle collection progress – search a given vehicle, view its movement along a given route, track all vehicles’ progress versus their routes for the day
  • Daily routes sent electronically to the vehicle – driver has the most updated route
  • Start of day and end of day – checks sent to the vehicle with route
  • Stop list function – allows credit control to be carried out at point of collection based on customer bin/container tag ID.
  • Alerts – allows real-time messages to be sent to drivers advising on traffic issues, call-outs and missed collections
  • Reporting – provides the user with the ability to develop key reports on route performance, route summary reports, key KPIs, etc.
  • Collection tracking – provides real-time detailed information on planned & unplanned work which is available to the call center to provide proof of service and answer customer queries.
  • Driver debrief – a quick and effective way of confirming route completion versus planned route as all unplanned activates or missed bins/containers can be reviewed in one location and actioned with driver’s input that day
  • Container management – allows the customer to manage all its bin/container inventory, deliveries, returns, repair and stock management

Benefits derived from AMCS Dispatch

  • Reduce missed bins and crew recalls with real-time service verification
  • Minimize customer call handling time with real-time customer query resolution using accurate, real-time reporting
  • Improve crew management with live visibility of vehicle, route and collection progress
  • Reduce margin for error on collections and routes
  • Administrative savings with a real-time, paperless system
  • Real-time reporting and updates between office, driver and vehicle
  • Asset management – track bins/containers at customer site(s), returned to yard location or out for repair

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