Data mining, trend analysis, management reporting

AMCS has a team of dedicated data specialists with a wealth of experience in the resource, recycling and waste management industry. AMCS can analyse your business data and identify the key metrics that help your business expand reduce costs and increase profits. Combined with our class leading software, our data analysis team can help you increase recycling rates, optimize collection routes, automate MRF processes and identify areas for market growth within the recycling and waste management industry.

AMCS Data provides

  • Expert advice on the data flow cycle, including the most efficient data interfaces
  • Customized resource and waste industry KPIs and Dashboards
  • Data Mining and Data Warehouses
  • Continuous assessment on your project goals and measurable ROI at every stage of your project.
  • Trend analysis
  • Management Reporting

With AMCS Data you can change the way you view your business, implement industry best practices. In addition, you can access metrics that show your business’ health at a glance allowing your management team to reduce operational costs and increase overall profitability.

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