AMCS 7 Overview

Invoicing, contracts, pricing, customer service, work orders

AMCS 7 has been specifically developed for the waste & recycling industry. Designed around industry best practice, it streamlines operations to deliver enhanced productivity, reduced costs, increased profitability and overall company revenue.

AMCS 7 is highly scalable, open-standards, based solution. It integrates with industry-leading financial systems and when combined with on-vehicle technology it delivers a true end-to-end solution for managing your waste and recycling business.

AMCS 7 manages critical business operations including:

  • Service contracts and pricing
  • Billing, invoicing and payments
  • Customer service
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Service Contracts and Pricing

The AMCS service agreement infrastructure supports a flexible system of contracts, pricing, costs and order templates. The flexible approach allows pricing and contracts to be managed as a custom mix, either at the highest level of the system and inherited through the hierarchy to each customer, site and service type or alternatively priced individually at customer, site and service level. The system supports prices and costs linked to custom and/or industry indexes for material, fuel surcharges etc. Price increases can be managed globally across the system with future or past effective dates, while maintaining the flexibility to manage individual contracts, customers or services.

Billing, Invoicing and Payments

AMCS provides a billing engine that combines the recorded activity with the pricing module to generate item level charges, billing and invoices. The system is architected to accommodate both ad-hoc and scheduled billing and invoicing and handles all expected aspects of credit control and financial oversight and reporting. Direct debit, e-Payment and cash/check payment channels are supported and financial reconciliation tools are provided to ensure immediate visibility and audit capability on cash position.

Customer Service

AMCS provides a single view of all customer details, financial status, invoicing activity, work history and scheduled events and services to allow all queries to be answered on-the-spot. Instant access to service agreements, pricing and credit status allow quotations and new business queries to be handled instantly and opportunities are automatically processed into the appropriate financial processes for immediate approval of new business opportunities.

More Information

For further information on AMCS 7, please contact us or read more about AMCS 7 by downloading our AMCS 7 solution brief (PDF).