Commercial Waste & Recycling

Solutions for efficient management of the full waste management operation

The complexity in the waste management industry is enormous. The different types of collection – commercial waste collection, household waste collection, container drop-off – each have their own demanding issues. The waste industry is facing additional challenges due to the emergence of new recycling types and technologies, environmental legislation from governments and the EU, as well as higher service demands from customers.

Furthermore, the waste management industry is undergoing a process of privatization, and therefore the companies involved have to optimize their operations for the new and fiercer competitive situation. In addition, organisations change in the waste collection sector due to acquisitions and mergers. Integration of collection routes and transportation organizations often implies major synergy potential just waiting to be utilized.

Activities related to the collection and disposal of waste are major cost burdens, and the complexity and dynamics involved make it particularly difficult to conduct efficient management of the full operation. Hence, the potential for improving the efficiency of waste collection and the related operations is very large. Savings in this area have a direct impact on company margins. It is therefore essential to find the right tools for managing the operation.


AMCS offers a broad suite of solutions and services to help the commercial waste and recycling to increase their efficiency:

  • AMCS Transport
  • AMCS Materials and Processing
  • AMCS Data Exchange
  • AMCS Specialty Waste


  • Professional Services
  • Training
  • Support


Over the years, the features of the AMCS suite of solutions and services have been developed, based on extensive industry-specific knowledge which AMCS has acquired from our numerous customers within the industry. You will be able to benefit from this experience within the waste industry. Our references include: Sita, van Gansewinkel, Veolia, Ragn- Sells, Twente Milieu, AES, Returpack and Dansk Retursystem.

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