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B&M Waste Services chooses scalability and advanced invoicing in the cloud

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The speed and accuracy of real-time data make a move to the AMCS Cloud-based Platform an easy choice.

Advanced order processing and automated invoicing in the cloud are key to improving business efficiency and supporting organic growth plans at B&M Waste Services. The speed and accuracy of real-time data make a move to the AMCS Cloud-based Platform an easy choice.

Limerick, 16 February: B&M Waste formed in 1997 and now employs over 200 employees across multiple bin collection locations. The award-winning collections business provides innovative,  recycling-led waste management solutions to businesses across the UK. Their cost and carbon saving solutions contribute to helping companies meeting their environmental and operational targets efficiently and effectively.

According to B&M Finance Director Grahame Henderson, the company’s recent ERP system upgrade from an on-premise solution to the AMCS Cloud-based Platform for their enterprise system is exactly the kind of technological solution that will allow them to meet their customers’ needs in the most efficient way possible as the company continues to grow.

Game-changing solutions for waste management systems

The company has been using AMCS Enterprise Management for several years already, so an upgrade and move to the Cloud-based platform made the most sense. Weight data collected directly from the trucks and mobile tablets for the drivers, for example, had already brought measurable efficiency improvements to B&M’s order process. “Accurate weighing ensures that customers are charged for their excess waste, but it also enables us to engage with these customers to review their service requirements,” according to B&M’s IT Manager, Andrew Waland.

Flexibility and scalability without adding more hardware

After recent expansions to two more locations and plans for more on the horizon, they were ready to move to a solution that would be easier, cheaper, and faster to scale than investing in more hardware.

According to Andrew, a move to a cloud-based enterprise system made the most sense, as it could provide more flexibility and scalability as well as bringing more mobile solutions to the business. Andrew and his team were able to free up to seven on-premises servers by migrating to the cloud, as well as reduce workloads.

The move also allows B&M Waste to take advantage of other benefits that a reliable cloud-based solution can provide, such as continuous upgrades to the latest cutting-edge functionality, business continuity and disaster recovery protection, faster support and issue resolution, and quick access to parallel testing environments.

The advantage of a partnership

“It means something to us that AMCS prides itself on being a serious business partner for their clients and talking with us about new developments, so we are more than happy to participate in that relationship,” says Andrew. “We have always been an early adopter and AMCS is continuously adding to and improving their Enterprise Platform, so being involved in that is a real win situation for us. We have a lot of larger customers that demand high levels of speed and convenience in ordering, invoicing, and sophisticated reporting, so working closely with AMCS allows us to share our ideas for how to improve the customer experience for them.”

Andrew adds, “We also get a close-up view of improvements and new functionality in the pipeline. In return, we are happy to help beta-test new developments. It’s nice to be invited and we feel like a valued customer.” Of course, there have been hiccups and budget strains, and they sometimes wish the developments they want could be available faster. “But overall,” says Andrew, “I would say the relationship is certainly a positive and evolutionary one for both parties.”

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