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AMCS to present the new Transport Management System at the 2021 RWM Resource Revolution tradeshow on 22-23 September.

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An integrated solution

This integral part of the AMCS Platform provides an integrated solution for transport as well as leveraging the rich functionality of the cloud-based and software platform.

Limerick, Ireland, September 1st AMCS has chosen the RWM Resource Revolution tradeshow, the UK’s largest Recycling, Resource & Waste Management Event at NEC Birmingham, to present the new Transport Management System to UK recycling and waste management companies. The system is designed to fully automate the planning, optimization, and execution of transport operations and it is fully integrated with the AMCS Enterprise Management system.

That integration means transport planners benefit from full access to all enterprise data and the supporting integrated workflows, giving them maximum visibility and control. AMCS Transport Management System allows fleet operators to plan, execute, monitor, optimize and analyze all aspects of their transport operations.

A new way to seize the opportunities in Transport Logistics

Transport Planning is increasingly challenging to do both efficiently and effectively. Planners must manage multiple priorities: maximizing fleet and driver productivity, delivering timely customer service, ensuring the highest levels of safety, meeting driver regulations, just to name a few. All while minimizing costs for this crucial aspect of operating a waste and recycling business, where the impact is often enterprise-wide.

Meanwhile, the landscape itself is continuously evolving, with new health and safety considerations, shifting customer demands, sustainability issues and efforts to decarbonize transport, not to mention the challenges and opportunities presented by exponential technologies such as IoT, Big Data and 5G.

The rapidly changing landscape calls for a new generation solution that can integrate, automate, and optimize transport operations. AMCS Transport Management System is precisely that system.

AMCS Transport Management System: built for the Waste and Recycling Industry

Designed specifically to meet the heavy transport demands of the waste and recycling industry, AMCS Transport Management System offers highly automated and integrated functionality to manage planning, rostering, dispatch, live tracking, route optimization and driver mobile applications.

It includes a modern, intuitive interface for easier planning and uses best-in-class technology for embedded maps and distance calculation to provide optimal routes

and increased service time accuracy for every stop. Each function was engineered to enhance productivity, resource utilization, driver safety, and operational control and visibility.

Visitors to the RWM Resource Revolution tradeshow at the Birmingham NEC can meet AMCS at Stand 5-T166 to learn about AMCS Platform, an enterprise grade cloud and software platform that includes Enterprise Management, Vehicle Technology, Mobile Workforce, and Intelligent Optimization solutions.

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