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16 November 2021

Swana Webinar: The Road to Sustainability Starts with Efficiency

Join AMCS and SWANA on November 16th from 2 - 3:15 PM ET

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Please join us for a webinar in partnership with SWANA where we will discuss how The Road to Sustainability Starts with Efficiency.

Today there is an emphasis on the solid waste industry to protect the environment and set sustainability goals. Sustainability doesn’t have to take priority over day-to-day business or be expensive though. When companies maximize efficiency in their operations to increase productivity, improve quality, or reduce costs — these can have a positive environmental impact. Embracing digital technologies can do just that by improving processes resulting in positive business outcomes and boosting your environmental story.

Route optimization is one of the most accessible technology initiatives you can embrace. With more efficient routes, you will increase driver safety, reduce mileage and fuel usage, prevent unnecessary maintenance, lower emissions, and increase productivity. Join this free webinar to learn more.

During this webinar we will be focusing on:


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