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Site Reliability Engineer

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Passionate people for sustainable software

We are Quentic (powered by AMCS). Our mission is to provide clarity and orientation in the area of occupational safety, environmental, quality and sustainability management (HSEQ) and to create digital solutions. In Berlin, our team consists of over 200 employees, 70 of whom work in the Software Development, Software Testing, UX Design and Technical Documentation departments.

We are looking for you to support our development department in Berlin.

Site Reliability Engineer

General Requirements

Education and training

Computer scientist specialized in application development, computer science degree or comparable education/experience

Competences and special knowledge

  • Agile methods and OOP

  • Understanding of software and system architecture, software design as well as TDD / BDD 

  • Ability to use the existing architecture concept and to understand the new architecture concept currently in development at Quentic.

  • Extensive conceptual and analytical skills

  • Responsible, independent structured work

  • Distinct problem-solving ability and willingness to think outside the box

Professional experience

  • Programming experience with the used programming languages and frameworks (PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, React and Symfony knowledge is advantageous)

Experience in 3rd level support

Main Tasks

  • First bug rating

  • reproducibility

  • first code insight, find related implementations (annotate)

  • Support Architects & Tech Leads while planning architectural changes

  • implement quick fixes if needed or support DEV team

  • suggest solutions after a "quick fix"

  • DBA - Deeper Bug Analysis (not easy reproducible Bugs)

  • access customer system

  • analyze with customer database

  • suggest solution or implement it directly

    Package Delivery & Release Management for non-standard-Releases

    Inconsistencies & Data Migrations

  • Check of inconsistencies within SaaS

  • Tasks that migrate data

  • Connect-Scripts

  • Review data migrations before release

  • Communicate schema changes between departments


Review all Code Changes, suggest changes to DEV

  • goal 1: know most of the code and concepts

  • goal 2: early stage for suggesting an alternative concept (don't release a potential risk)

  • goal 3: keep understanding of software workflows (knowledge of what we are supporting)

  • PeO - Performance Optimization (existing and new code)

  • analyze implemented solutions

  • prototype other approaches with the same result

  • suggest solution or implement it directly

  • Error log & Monitoring analysis

  • see errors before the customer does

  • provide dashboards for possibly critical log entries

  • analyze logged data and suggest extensions to the information that is logged

  • Support

  • Support Architects & Tech Leads while planning architectural changes

  • Support DEV Teams while implementing (knowledge)

  • Support PM while requirement description (knowledge)

·         Support PO and Tech Lead while planning implementation of a PM-requirement

  • visualize dependencies within software

  • ensure "everything" is considered while planning a concrete solution

  • Test Coverage

  • analyze existing (business and technical) tests & suggest additional test scenarios

  • suggest and implement new (business and technical) tests

  • suggest and implement possibilities for

  • business and technical tests → DEV-Teams

  • operational tests (JMeter? Selenium?) 

CategoryDevelopment & Product Management
TypeFull Time
ExperienceMid Level

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