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Blog April 2020 Updated May 2021

Spotlight Series 1/2: integrated IT system increases turnover

Conor Dowd Product Marketing Manager

US-based customer saves an extraordinary amount on costs with AMCS end-to-end solution

Save an extraordinary amount on costs and at the same time, significantly improve efficiency. With an integrated, IT system waste and recycling companies can increase their turnover and margins. This is evident from a case study by the American-based Russell Reid & Mr. John which, with the end-to-end solution, also improves the customer experience while at the same time reduces call center costs.

The Spotlight Series focuses on AMCS customers in the global waste and recycling industry. The first two blog posts in the series highlight the US-based Russel Reid & Mr. John and the UK-based William Tracey Group* and how they benefit from the added value of the integrated IT system provided by AMCS Platform.

Read also Spotlight Series 2/2 about the William Tracey Group: integrated IT system increases margins.

Read also Spotlight Series 2/2 about the William Tracey Group: integrated IT system increases margins.

“Best choice ever”

Save an extraordinary amount on costs and at the same time significantly increase efficiency. Throughout the years Russell Reid & Mr. John profits from these two major benefits of the AMCS Platform. The integrated solutions have been the best choice ever for Russel Reid, according to President Gary Weiner looking back on the last 15 years AMCS Platform has been deployed. "It really paid off. The software scales with the growth of our business." Russell Reid is a family business and operates under two brands: Russell Reid, who specializes in non-hazardous liquid and solid waste, and Mr. John, who specializes in portable toilet services. The company has several locations and operates all over New Jersey.

Since the beginning, AMCS Platform has been the heart of the operation digitizing all of the operational processes. Another benefit is having operational and enterprise visibility of what is going on daily in the entire operations, according to Weiner. “With over 200 vehicles on the road, there are a lot of moving parts with coordinating, arranging, and re-arranging schedules, and we need to do this in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.”

The case study shows multiple significant benefits of the integration of the end-to-end solution making up AMCS Platform, for instance:

Eliminating one driver route sheet saved $20,000 annually

From speaking to Rob Suessmann, Logistic Manager, it is clear that one of the most exciting things was to introduce a mobile solution integrated with the Enterprise Management solution. “Deploying mobile devices to our field service group was really transformative”, Suessmann says. “We are able to track the beginning of the order at the dispatch department and process it all the way through to the driver’s mobile app and then back to the home office.”

The Russell Reid & Mr. John case clarifies that the digitalization of manual work can substantially reduce costs. Eliminating one driver route sheet, for instance, saved $90 a day adding up to about $20,000 annually. A digital order management system (through AMCS Mobile) also greatly improved flexibility. Through the real-time exchange of data with the back office, at any given time the planner knows the locations of the vehicles. With that, work can be delegated more efficiently to the appropriate resource, therefore, making their customer response much better. “Customers satisfaction is the companies highest priority”, President Weiner emphasizes. “In order to support this vision, we have invested heavily in our people, equipment, and technology to continue my father’s legacy.”

AMCS Platform

The AMCS Platform offers a fully integrated and end-to-end portfolio of solutions to manage the waste and recycling lifecycle. Solutions include Enterprise Management, Intelligent Optimisation, Mobile Workforce, Vehicle Technology, Digital Engagement, and AMCS Analytics. These industry-specific solutions are developed to support the AMCS Platform strategy focussing on driving revenue growth, margin expansion, operational efficiency, and sustainability. AMCS lives up to those words with a product and development team of around 200 people, currently investing 20% of overall turnover in product development.

*Disclaimer: William Treacy is now part of the Enva brand. This case study refers specifically to solutions and the experience of William Treacy, now part of Enva which is a customer of AMCS. Enva is a leading provider of waste management and resource recovery solutions and operates across 30 facilities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, employing over 1500 people.

Read also Spotlight Series 2/2 about the William Tracey Group: integrated IT system increases margins.

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