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Blog June 2021 Updated June 2021

AMCS Waste Planner Lite – C&I And C&D Waste Collection Made Easy

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Martijn Schimmer Intelligent Optimization Solution Advisor

Flexible planning solution

Our new Waste Planner Lite makes flexible planning solutions for the complexities of C&I and C&D waste collection very accessible for smaller and mid-sized operations. This pre-configured version of AMCS Waste Planner optimizes the waste collection process for effortless efficiency!

AMCS has created an innovative lightweight Waste Planner that is pre-configured for fast implementation, while still offering the capacity to handle the enormous complexities that are an everyday part of commercial and industrial (C&D) and construction and demolition (C&I) waste collection planning. Rapid implementation saves both time and expense, and that makes it ideal for customers with small to mid-sized operations who may not need maximum customization for their operations.

Waste Planner Lite is a highly sophisticated software solution for optimizing the multiple complexities of C&I and C&D skip and RORO container hire, collection, and transport. It is designed to handle highly variable scheduling, last-minute order additions, drivers running late or early, site access restrictions, flexible use of vehicle types and trailers, etc., all of which is packed in a very user-friendly system. Just like the fully customizable version, Waste Planner Lite has been built on our extensive knowledge and experience with the best practices in the waste industry.

Power and Flexibility in a Lightweight Solution

Waste Planner Lite brings all the planning functionality that is needed to optimize container and waste collection planning operations where no day is ever the same. It can optimize the entire process from beginning to end, managing multiple variables such as order type (delivery/collection/move/swap), vehicle type, container type, driver qualifications, and even how to mix and stack containers every single day. The optional mobile solution also allows direct communication with drivers regarding route changes, new orders, customer specifics, etc.

The system can easily handle last-minute changes and quickly recalibrate an optimal schedule based on new information, even while the day’s schedule is being executed. Based on our years of experience in optimizing software for some of the most complex waste collection operations in the world, the process is fully automated to make the job of planning complicated routing schedules much easier, while still allowing planners to make manual adjustments and recalibrate schedules whenever necessary.

An Intelligent Solution for C&I and C&D

Coordinating the delivery and collection of multiple skips and RORO containers for hire is an extremely complex job. No day is ever the same and meticulously planned schedules are upended on a regular basis with new orders, site changes for where to deliver which type of waste, and complex customer access restrictions, just to name a few of the complexities C&I and C&D waste management planners deal with daily. The system makes scheduling the right resources much easier, including trailers that need to be parked temporarily and picked up again later, because it can adjust and optimise schedules in real-time. It can also continue to optimise schedules all the way through to the end of the order execution phase, thus allowing planners to achieve maximum efficiency every day on every route.

Ideal for Smaller but Highly Complex Operations

When your waste management operation is around 20 to 25 trucks or less, you probably don’t need extreme levels of customization, such as the special-purpose interfaces and unlimited data sets like those that can be built with a custom implementation. Those tailor-made solutions require a much longer implementation period for building custom databases, dashboards, specialized reporting, and more.

As a smaller enterprise, you may not need a fully bespoke solution, but chances are you could certainly use the efficiency, flexibility, and increased sustainability that come with an automated planner that can continuously optimize each and every route, each and every day!

AMCS Waste Planner Lite

The collection and transportation of waste is highly complex. The good news is that all those challenges mean there is nearly always more opportunities to do it better, faster, and more sustainably. Equipped with the same set of powerful industry-specific optimization algorithms as its fully customizable cousin, AMCS Waste Planner Lite is precisely the kind of cutting-edge, automated planning system that can bring the flexible efficiencies and ease of planning for complex waste collection within reach of organizations with small to medium-sized operations and vehicle fleets.

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