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Blog February 2020 Updated May 2021

8.2 release provides a superior experience for onboarding casual customers

Enhancements to the customer management module improve efficiencies and drive margin expansion. With the 8.2 release of the AMCS Platform, the casual customer onboarding process has been greatly improved and enhanced facilitating waste and recycling operators to onboard their end customers much more quickly.

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Wim Hoek Product Marketing Manager

Enhancements to the customer management module improve efficiencies and drive margin expansion

With the 8.2 release of the AMCS Platform, the casual customer onboarding process has been greatly improved and enhanced facilitating waste and recycling operators to onboard their end customers much more quickly. The latest Platform release which was launched in February provides quicker processing and visibility of required information, faster call resolution, and increased customer satisfaction all of which is improving efficiencies and driving margins within your customer management processes.

Investing heavily in the innovative AMCS Platform

AMCS Platform 8.2 is the first of three major software releases this year bringing new benefits to the industry. AMCS is, worldwide, the leading ICT specialist for the waste and recycling industry, investing heavily in its innovative Azure-based SAAS platform. With a product and development team of around 200 people, currently, the annual investment in product development is 20% of the overall turnover.

The recently launched and latest version of the AMCS Platform continues to build on digitization and automation as key drivers for revenue growth, margin expansion, operational efficiency, and sustainability.

Customer management is one of the key areas in the 8.2 release of which the web-based user interface has been redesigned and enhanced to provide users with a much more intuitive and automated workflow. In addition to the enhancements supporting customer management. The 8.2 release also focuses on inbound and outbound logistics processes, the android in-cab mobile device, driver-assisted terminals for unmanned scale operations, and business intelligence.

Casual customer onboarding

The 8.2 release has simplified customer management workflows and transferred increased usability and functionality to the web-based platform across casual customer onboarding and payments, price books, and operational service areas (geo-fencing). Casual customer onboarding enables customer service representatives to clearly communicate the products available to the customer based on their address.

It utilizes the customer template feature that allows CSR’s to capture all the required information at the time of onboarding to process the transaction – from taking the payment through to scheduling the job and providing the customer with an exact time of arrival.

Customer service reps have a single view of every customer, including casual, or one-time customers. From services contracted, through to the status of the activities, the location of a vehicle all required service information is available to them. If there is a problem, such as with a locked gate or contamination, customer service representatives have access to pictures and notes in real-time via a drivers’ connected in-cab mobile solution to support customer queries. This integrated design and 8.2 process enhancements result in quicker call resolutions with casual customers.

Operational service areas and price books

Operational service areas (geo-fencing) support geographical variances to improve pricing structures, and therefore expand margin and reduce the risk of onboarding customers outside a catchment area. The user interface offers detailed operational service areas on a map, transforming the way waste operators can define the areas they operate in by providing them with the ability to plot the polygons on the map and add in key information such as available products and price structures for that area.

In the 8.2 release, the price books feature has had an enhanced user experience to support a more efficient and intuitive workflow. With this, the AMCS Platform is enabling to improve margins and reduce the risk of applying the wrong price to a product or service.

Increased customer satisfaction while improving efficiencies

Users benefit from this newly designed customer management, Elaine Treacy, Global Product Director of AMCS, stresses. “One of our objectives is to enable the first call resolution on customer queries. It is all about being informed and having access to real-time information. With a consolidated, single customer view the customer service employees are armed with required information without having to make five or six calls to find out what the problem is. This is very important to our customers who are constantly striving to deliver superior service.”

With the new and improved customer management the days of time-consuming, multi-systems, and paper processes are over and with that unnecessary high cost to process queries and request often resulted in inadequate customer experience. In the 8.2 release of the AMCS Platform, all the right and relevant information are at hand on one screen, providing the customer representative with all the necessary information to provide end-customers with an outstanding customer service experience.

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