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AMCS Group was co-founded by Jimmy Martin and Austin Ryan in Limerick, Ireland in 2003. Recognising a gap in the industry, they saw the benefit of introducing RFID technology to the recycling and waste industry. To complement this, they designed weighing technology, that is now employed by the majority of the Irish recycling and waste industry, especially for the implementation of Pay as you Throw and Pay by Weight collection schemes.

Originally known for its extensive knowledge and capabilities with on-vehicle technology, AMCS acquired The Solution Works in 2010, an established business with a focus on ERP systems designed specifically for the recycling and waste markets. The integration of these two businesses enables AMCS to offer a complete & innovative range of solutions across the environmental industry.

In Summer 2012, AMCS France was established. Since then we are continuing to grow as a leading provider of technology solutions to French recycling and waste management operators. Our solutions are primarily enabling local authorities to charge for recycling and waste collections.

Wånelid AB was acquired in 2012, a Swedish company with expertise in weighbridges and weighing technology. Key to the success of this business has been the development and supply of a weighbridge which allows vehicles to be weighed dynamically, i.e. without stopping. This ground breaking technology allows for a faster throughput of trucks whilst providing accurate data. It also offers the significant benefit of a reduced physical footprint.

To further expand our operations and opportunities AMCS Group completed the acquisition of Insight Environmental in 2012, a leading software provider to the recycling and waste management market in North America. This acquisition adds to AMCS’ growing presence & reputation in the North American market.

In 2014 AMCS Group announced a £19 million round of financing. The investment, led by global venture capital firm Highland Capital Partners (HCP) Europe, includes support from existing investor, Investec Ventures, through the Ulster Bank Diageo Venture Fund. The fresh round of funding is enabling AMCS to further consolidate its leadership position in international markets by funding further expansion in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand markets.

Furthermore in 2014, AMCS acquired US company PC Scale Technologies (PCST), specialists in the field of innovative software solutions and technical services for the waste, recycling & related industries. Their waste management software, specializing in weighbridge operations, is a perfect accompaniment to AMCS’ current ELEMOS software suite. This acquisition undeniably confirms AMCS Group's position as the leading global provider of integrated end-to-end software and vehicle technology solutions in the recycling and waste management industry.